November 29, 2009

#ClassicRecord - D'Angelo - Lady

D'Angelo - Lady

D'Angelo - Lady Remix

November 24, 2009

The Most Unflattering Picture.

sorry rhi - rhi :-/

Dinoo Supreemo - Welcome To Bedrock (2009)(GROUPRIP)

November 23, 2009

Currently Bumpin' - Hole In My Head

Rihanna Ft. Justin Timberlake
Hole In My Head

*not that much of a fan of her music as i was when pon de replay came out but.... however, i do like this song*

Make Me

November 20, 2009

B*tch Look At Me Now Pt.2

Chrishan Feat. Marcel,Chris King,Young Rocky and J.Watts.
"Bitch Look At Me Now Pt.2"

November 19, 2009


now this isn't on the mixtape. just thought i'd give you something to feed the streets & sh!t. Where's My Crown? is coming. . .i'm ON.



November 18, 2009

Nov. 18th

yeah its that drizzy drake beat. i just changed the setting to L.A.



10 Reasons why the world won't end in 2012

"In the early days of computers, when hard drives weighed as much as a piece of furniture, a popular phrase was "Garbage-in, Garbage-out" (GIGO). It meant that computers would unquestioningly process the most nonsensical of input data and produce nonsensical output ... I am listing the 10 most popular 2012 end-of-world scenarios and providing a quickie reference guide to use in politely dismissing any friends, relatives, or in-laws whose brains have turned into a pile of GIGO mush after being suckered by the End of Days hype ..." Ray Villard, (site accessed Nov 09)

Web-bot project makes prophecy of 2012 apocalpyse " ... Conspiracy theorists on the web have claimed that the bots accurately predicted the September 11 attacks and the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, and that they say a cataclysm of some sort will devastate the planet on 21 December, 2012 ..." (site accessed Sep 09)


Give You Sex Therapy....Give You Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Robin Thicke


November 17, 2009

Flick EM!

Pic1 Me and my GOONZ down in lower east side! Pic2 My man Ryota from Japan he's MAD cool! he invited me down to Japan. IM SO PUMPED FOR THAT TRIP! pic3 Me and my Libra buddy Amber aka Ms Amber Rose. Shes KILLING right now!! pic 4 My man FRESH outta LA. He is by far theeee dopest graphic designer known to Earth! Pic 5 Last but not least this is another Amber and shes goes to FIDM and based out of LA! shes my baby she just dont know it yet lol Shhhhhh tho :)

November 16, 2009

Beyonce feat @LadyGaga - Video Phone



W.M.C. ? 

November 15, 2009


I know you heard of the Power Rangers! These Dudes right here are Buzzz'n like crazy on this end, and you know this end got the HOT ishh first! lol No offense but this is TRUE! Anywho Go BUY the Power Rangers album IN STORES NOW!

LA STAND UP!!!!!!!!


Heres some around the way flicks! Pictures are so amazing man!!! You can really see a moment in time ...I LOVE IT! =)

November 14, 2009

Dinoo Supreemo's Fan Love Contest Rules

Dinoo Supreemo's Fan Love Contest !!

These 3 quotes are from 3 different songs off my 3 mixtapes , "The Boy Next Door" , "The Recycle Bin 2" , and the forthcoming "Welcome To Bedrock" .

if you're able to give the correct answers in the CORRECT order , you'll recieve an autographed "Welcome To Bedrock" 8x10 Promo .


* And if you're unsure of the tracks from "Name The Tracks" ,

just write a short paragraph telling ME why you're my biggest fan .

.. you just might get one !

Just send the answers and/or paragraph to , along with a mailing address and who the picture should be made out to .


Let's GO !

" tryna shit , but they can't
kicks was on clearance ,
think you passin , but you ain't .
let me just state , ya'll niggas is the
whackest of the whack , and if you want what
then the mack is in the back ."

"stop ! supreeme swagg , i'm spillin' it
dudes walkin' in the back of me with cups ,
drinkin' it
thinkin it'll make em just a little bit cooler ,
wishin' they could be like dino the ruler ."

"don't take me for a joke ,
why these niggas contradictin'
you can tell HE'S broke ,
and i'm sorry ya'll , this is real life
is you mad ?
i dream black & white ,
the world colored me bad , HAH !"


Book Of Eli

November 12, 2009

Bullets - @ChrisKing23

i recorded it in London.
its an eminem beat from relapse called "Hello" produced by Dr.Dre
"Bullets" - Chris King
Wheres My Crown ?
December 11th 2009

Gettin' Closer .. Welcome To Bedrock

So , today is november 12th . exactly 12 days away from my mixtape release . and i have NOTHING put together . nothing but the cover . i mean , i got songs recorded .. like a fucking MILLION . but i don't have a tracklisting , my interludes aren't in order .. and there isn't much #Circle love on this project . it's soo much shit that i WANNA do , but i don't know what it is . in the past 4 days , i've recorded about 8 songs , just because . and i already had like 16 songs set for the tracklisting . i need to cut some shit out , because not even I wanna hear myself that damn much . i'd turn it off too . lmfaooo . buuuut .. as for now .. this is what the tracklisting is lookin' like .

and this is OFF THE TOP of my head ,

meaning , don't be suprised when it drops and it's different .

Dinoo Supreemo

Welcome To Bedrock



1 . Intro (Performance)

2 . Creep Feat . New Era

3 . What It Is Feat . Chris King

4 . Rap Bonanza

5 . Don't Know Your Name

6 . Have Dat

7 . Hey Now

8 . That's What It's About Feat . Young Myles

9 . Addicted

10 . Famous J Speaks

11 . Around The Way Girl

12 . Cold Act Ill Feat . T-Rich & Chris King

13 . Step To

14 . Dirty Ass Vans

15 . Ghetto Jam

16 . Shittin' On A Beat Feat . New Era

17 . Answering Service

18 . Run Up

19 . I Like It

20 . Toe Taggin' Feat. Dizzy

21 . Gettin' Off The Muscle

22 . You Know I'm No Good

23 . Without You .. (Outro)

& there's links there because those songs were previously leaked ,

but the version might be different on the mixtape . (:

sooo .. after me writing it all out like that .. i guess it isn't THAAAT bad . but , it's still really not what i wanted . idk . but when i tell ya'll it's a lot of material .. it's a LOT . and i'm still recieving beats . soooo .. , drop em there .

November 11, 2009



iPhone driving?

I gotttta get my iphone back!

History In The Making. . .

the last of the best.

November 7, 2009

@2M3 - Our UK Tour!

To our fans in The United Kingdom!
(and those that want to travel)
We've been hearing from all of you and hearing about the love The UK has always showed us since we came on the scene. Now in partner with Mission Control ( we will be starting a tour out there in October!

We've never been there before so if you are out in The UK don't miss the time to come and see us while we are out there! Here are some of the dates (listed by Date - Venue/Club, City) :

Oct. 25 - Oceana, Cardiff
Oct. 26 - Lava & Ignite, Preston
Oct. 27 - Liquid, Wigan
Oct. 27 - Liquid, Oldham
Oct. 28 - Liquid, Halifax
Oct. 29 - Pure & Obsession, High Wycombe
Oct. 30 - Carringtons, Harrogate
Oct. 31 - Life, Cardiff
Nov. 4 - Liquid, Rotherham
Nov. 6 - Atlantis, Eastbourne
Nov. 6 - The Works, Canterbury
Nov. 7 - Candy Store, Plymouth

More dates are currently being added so for info on all the different spot's we'll be performing in the UK, make sure you check our Twitter page regularly!

November 6, 2009


This is Karma from Erling Hoveid on Vimeo.


November 2, 2009