October 31, 2008

im calling u out chris ''king'' haha

chris im tired of your damn freestyles, so im saying..you wanna battle? i can def beat u! lmao.

signed MANDA

p.s. more like your chain changes colors because its FAKE, HA!

(all love here)


Of course we know O... but not even because we know him... In dancing I honestly believe nobody is touching him in 'dancing' thats out right now... Omarion is a beast when it comes to the dancing.

October 30, 2008

8 Bars in A Car Ride

Unbelivable Cannibalism is now occuring/
Eatin MCs no Fork watchin em cook thoroughly/
Gimmie Scissors To Cut Checks
Guarding His Adam Apple like a BulletProof TurtleNeck/
Does His ManHood Get Attention in His NeighborHood?/
Fresh Kids Get Cut Sorta Like A Taper Would/
My Chain Change Colors Like A Lightsaber Would/
Rookie Of The Year, hoping that the next player would!/



so y r britney spears keeping up with madonna?
come back brit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 Bars.

Instrumental:Ignorant Sh!t-JayZ & Beanie Sigel.

My Mind Hooked On You Like A Trout & Fisherman/
Love Sweet To A King Leave Her Ex So Bitterman/
She About 19 They Call Her My BabySitter &/
She Rock Me To Sleep In My Crib & Now Come Get Her Man!/
Confusion Brings Questions In A Collected Manner/
Open Your Brains Let The Doctor Dissect You Backwards/
I'd Considered Going Slow But The Money Moves Faster/
Hit The Clapper/
Lights Out/
Just The Ways Of A Rapper/
Whose Backin Off/
I Am Way To Nice/
I Kick Better Then David Beckham, You Lookin Like Posh Spice/
Pardon My Language & Words Are Painless/
Or Harmless, Either ,Or Please Just Remove Those Garments/
She Leaves Me Puzzled/
& The Pieces Aren't Mine/
David Blaine Type Of MindFrame/
Its Magic EveryTime/
Lets Rewind Time/
Cuz Currently She Just In Front Me We Both Waitin IN The Same Movie Line

Fantasy Girl...

Fantasy Girl - Jacob Latimore w/ (MARS)cel

October 29, 2008


so today i was on Melrose with my mom at 1 of my FAV vintage stores Wasteland, and when i left on my way home we drove past a pet supplies store where infront they had one of those ''rescue a puppy'' set ups i screamed at my mom to turn around and AS SOON as i walked over i fell in love with a 4 month old chiuaha named TILLY. shes so adorable rich brown fur and big adorable ears. shes so shy and cute. so anyway i was talking to one of the people with the ''i rescued my bestfriend'' shirts (so catchy by the way) and the KILL SHELTER was going to KILL her for the simple fact that she USED to have a SCRATCH above her right eye (which is now healed). She was explaining to me how they kill puppies and or dogs now a days there for the SMALLEST reasons (like a scratch in tilly's case). well anyway long story short I RESCUED HER 8-) go me!!!!! i currently have ZERO pictures because I dont officially get her until tomorrow =[ but soon u will see her adorable face!

signed, Amanda.

October 28, 2008

Royal sOunds.

iPOP Tags-Chris King
Flavor In Ya Ear 2008-Chris King

Show You How It Go- C-Not3 & Chris King
Christopher Columbus - Chris King

Titanium - (MARS)cel ft. Chris King

Fontana Days-Chris King

Stone Cold-Chris King

Rain,Hail,Sleet,Snow-Chris King

Want A 2Much! Show?

Aiight News Flash:

If You Want To Book Any 2Much Appearances,Features,Shows Please Contact:

VOTE YES ON PROP 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



too bad im 16 years old, i would love to have a bigger impact on obama winning, all i can do is encourage other how important this is to vote. change will only come with him! VOTE OBAMA (i cant stress it enough).


hey man, i know i know have you guys been anticipating me? lol im sure my brothers have been doing a PERFECT job entertaining you all right? well if not you got ME now! so anyway im glad that i can FINALLY have a way to really tune you guys into my head, lol since we're barely featured in the moment with LO'S (COUGH COUGH) lol just playing. but heres a video of me playing around to Lo's new song. DONT TAKE IT SERIOUS, I AM JOKING. lol but having fun ENJOY!

October 27, 2008

Silence Is Violence Tour......


INFO Coming Soon....

West Los Angeles Photobooth's

The new hott Los Angeles venture...

October 26, 2008

Down To Earth 16 Bars.

Lookin' at these Lost Souls|
Confusion at the CrossRoads|
Negativity and Postive, A Fork In The Road|
But keep your head up, believe the old saying goes|
At the end of every rainbow there's gotta be a Pot Of Gold|
They more worried if they fits and clothes right|
Getcha Flow Right|
Imitating 2Brains, I suggest you Think Twice|
Jab "Nickelodeon" Ka-Blam! Lil Winky Wright|
Dumb Dumbs look like Soulja Boy's Yums With A Black Eye|
Let The attacks Fly|
Don't throw change in this rap pond, cause I'm plannin just to drink it dry|
And I'm lyrically taking Yo ass Dead or Alive|
I Hang With All-Stars,All Day, Call me NBA Live|
The truth races in my veins w/ little Patience|
People Trippin like Practical Jokes Tying Both Shoelaces|
No emotion for the opposition I get Faceless|
Tofu Swagger Type Rappers Cause They Style Tasteless


Moment with Lo: Halloween Haunt

If you didn't know I have my own youtube series nothing big i just throw clips together and call it "A Moment With Lo". Expect alot more throughout the blog post.

Word's to Drake...

A poser, posing as me, Marcel, went on Drake's blog (www.octobersveryown.net) and left some comment's on his post about his new song, that were quite....****** up. Now I'm sure Drake has probably read them and we got people comin' on here leaving some ****** up comments to us now because of it, in defense of Drake. Let me make it clear... we, The Circle, think Drake is a dope artist and never would go on his sites promoting like that with all those negative comments. We only respect him as an artist and it goes to show in the thing's we do. I even hopped on one of his songs, "Sooner Than Later." So I'm posting this to say, Quit that **** whoever did it posing as me... and to Drake I wanna say, my dude your a dope artist and we have nothing but respect for a young accomplished dude in the game like you...4 real....

Sooner Than Later - Drake w/ (MARS)cel of 2 Much

October 25, 2008

Oxygen - Chris King, Young Myles & Lil' J

Oxygen - Chris King, Lil' J & Young Myles

Circle Chat Room


October 24, 2008

My Pree-Tape "Before The Wind Blows...



Tracklisting Info:
2.Winter Winds
3.The Circle
4.10 Steps To Make A Girl Cry
5.Kunta Kinte
6.Goon To A Goblin (Feat C-Not3)
7.Stone Cold
8.Lyrical Excercise (Feat. Young Myles)
9. 9 To 5,10 To 6 (Feat. (MARS)cel)
10.Classic (Remix)(Feat.Young Myles & (MARS)cel)

Business Man feat. Young Myles - (MARS)cel

Business Man feat. Young Myles - (MARS)cel

October 23, 2008

Shawtiee-Jane 3 (Produced T-Pain)

Yo...This Song Is Honestly Bananas!, Shouts out to Jane 3 Since there like Family & all L0L. This Song Is Produced by T-Pain & it goes stupid hard check it out...

Silence is Violence

I'm sure alot of you have heard we are in Kansas City... So I wanted to come on here and explain what we are doing in this beautiful place. We are on a quick school tour down here for the organization "Silence Is Violence" formed by Lil J and Lance A.

"Silence is violence school tour was founded in Kansas city Kansas in 2006 by pastor Erik williams,Lance. A and Jonathan Mcdaniel aka Devo
n carter from (That's s
o Raven). The formation of the Silence is Violence school tour is to send a positive message to young teens in the community. There are large amounts of teens loosing their lives from making poor decisions. Our goal is to send a message to let teens know that there are better cho
ices they can make to keep themselves out of trouble in their communities. They need to know that there are positive
alternatives such as community service, after school activities, and various recreational programs they can get involved in. We feel teens will be inspired by our
message if they realize there are peers their age making the right decisions. Our goal is to inspire today’s youth to utilize their talent and strive to achieve their goals. We want to encourage them to follow their dreams. These are the steps we have taken to reach our destination. This will be a great opportunity for us to promote STOP THE VIOLENCE in the metro area. We take pride in our mission, and hope that at least one life will be touched by our presentation."

We are having alot of fun here. J, Ace and Lance and everyone here are really cool and hopefully we'll be able to get this thing in several different states to spread its positive message. This is definitely something "The Circle" is behind and representing so please check it out!

On Stage...

I found this clip in my photo libary and I thought it was so dope because I was actually on stage performing while recording. It wasn't long at all so im gonna try to do it again this show we have in like 30 minutes.


October 22, 2008

Jane 3 - Screensaver

This is a new music video from Jane 3 called "Screensaver" produced by T-Pain. We've known them for a looong time and two of them happen to be Milo's cousin's. Earanequa, the lead singer, was also in our video "Fire" with Chris King. So Check it out, the song is good and I also think they did a really good job in the video.... This is Jane 3 Screensaver

October 21, 2008

Forever Circle

WelCOME tO The CiRCLe.

I Like Her- iM|L0.

I Like Her feat. Chris King - iM|L0.

Yooo its milo. Im working on my mixtape right now this "I Like Her"ft Chris King record is one of many. I did it on garage band so this isn't offical but something like it.  let me know what you all think. . . . 2 Fingers 


                                       whats good its your boy Myles-just finished a song with marcel around 4:30AM called Business-Man.we have a show a 11:00AM.And i just got ready at 6:00AM for sound check at 8:00AM--NO-SLEEP -Hard Work-Im Tired

New C.King Bangers :-)

Fontana Sh!t-Chris King
http://www.mediafire.com/file/bzatzmkmlll/Fontana Sh!t (Freestyle).mp3

iPop Tags -Chris King
http://www.mediafire.com/file/gdoulmwnoeb/iPop Tags.mp3

October 20, 2008

Welcome To The Circle PT 2

Myles: What's good its your boy myles reppin' 2much and the circle all day. if you didn't no you can hit this blog spot for updates on new songs new pictures etc.as you no we have mixtapes coming out. So every week stay posted. welcome to are world-welcome to the circle.

Marcel: So this is about to be the new spot for The Circle...
so make sure ur keep coming here for updates on everything! Right now we are in Kansas City and currently have to run out to a radio station and give an interview for an HOUR
! which is hella long. So I apologize for cutting this intro post short... but after we get back from the radio station we'll be sure to get on here and start posting so keep it here!

Welcome To The Circle PT. 1

Milo: Yooooo whats popping iM|L0. one of the four members in 2Much and one of the leaders in the Circle . Check my myspace out (myspace.com/mylosmyspace). 

C.King: & Yeeeeeaaah its the kid Chris King 1 of 4 members of 2Much & also one of the leaders in The Circle, Check My Myspace out (www.myspace.com/chrischeeks)

Milo: This is some Food for Thought.... from me to you. Diamonds are Forever, but The Circle is Infinite.... with that being said this here is The Official Circle Blog were all the Circle Exclusives will be including: New Music, Dos' L.A., and Updates on each of The Circle members. Bookmark this site and get comfortable. . . because you are officially in the circle.