March 28, 2009


March 26, 2009

New Layout

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Whudddup Kei?!

March 25, 2009

K. Flo sings again.

im sorry but K. flo can sing

March 24, 2009

Spontaneous Combustion

I Directed & Edited It!


March 23, 2009

UNICEF LA Tap Poject.

Chris & I attended the UNICEF LA Tap Project Benefit Concert in Santa Monica which was put together by a good friend of ours... Miki Ishikawa (in the middle).

Both Miki and Quincy performed Orlando Bloom spoke and alotta our other friends attended it was all really dope & for a great cause. 

To learn about it... and how you can provide clean drinking water to many under privileged children... visit:

We are never on time for anything so... Me and Chris missed the carpet pictures... but we took a couple inside the event...

Quincy (iQ), his bro Lil' B Sure, Tequan, H, Chris and I

Small Change, Scooter, H, Chris and I

March 21, 2009

Only in Cali


Kobe Bryant

March 20, 2009

No Chutes & Ladders Baby Girl.....


Chutes & Ladders-Chris King

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March 18, 2009


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March 17, 2009

The King Can Jerk!


Who sang it better?

Sooo I came accross this record by The Dream and then I realized it was produced by the same people who produced 3 of 2 Much's records... "She Ain't You", "Irresistable", and "Explosive"... shoutout to The Co-Stars, Neely and Vince... and then It struck me that the track to "Cringing" by The Dream IS the same track as our song "She Ain't You"...

So go ahead and say which 1 you like better!

2 Much - She Ain't You (Clip)

The Dream - Cringing

Who did the track more justice?
2 Much - She Ain't You
The Dream - Cringing free polls

March 16, 2009

Let Your Wings Spread-Chris King

iState Facts.

Thats what the kids in Orange County Say/ They be like " I would pick Chris King over any rapper any day"--C.King "Plastic Cups Freestyle"

March 15, 2009

Goin' in on #2...

Before I start working on a follow up mixtape to R&Beast, I wanted to get a feel for what direction yall want ya boy to head into as far as the mixtape game. So here's a poll, and I would love for you guys to tell me which song off "R&Beast" was your favorite and  I can keep that in mind as I dive into my second mixtape cycle.

If you don't already have the mixtape, you can download "R&Beast" right here...

Which song is your favorite off "RnBeast"? free polls

RnBXclusive "Best Picks" Mixtape. just posted their new mixtape "Best Picks : February" and 2 Much is featured as #12 on there plus alottt of my friend's like Atozzio, Omari, & Soundz etc. so check it out.

01. chief waKiL - Air (Produced By Brian Kennedy) Ruff
02. Redd Hott Feat. Bobby Valentino - Glide For Me
03. Omarion Feat. Lil Wayne - Comfort (CDQ)
04. QT - I’m Tryin’
05. Mario Feat. Rihanna - Emergency Room (Prod. By SoundZ)
06. T.I. Feat. Busta Rhymes & Akon - Number One (Full)
07. Mary J. Blige Feat. Ne-Yo - What Love Is
08. Robbie - Better
09. Innate Forte - 24-7 (Mastered)
10. Range - Time Machine
11. Trey Songz - Brand New (CDQ)
12. 2Much - Explosive
13. Mishon - Rock My Chain (Prod. By Hit-boy)
14. Atozzio - Ohhh (U Make Me Say)
15. Chuka M - Bedroom (Prod. By Mental Instruments)
16. Akon Feat. Twista - On Top (Full)
17. Young Capone Feat. Mario - Choosin’
18. The Dream Feat. Kanye West - Walking On The Moon
19. K-Young - Classroom Chick
20. Soulja Boy Feat. Lil Wayne, Jim Jones, Maino, Young Jeezy & Jadakiss - Turn My Swag On (Official Remix)

March 14, 2009

Dec. 11th 2009.

Never Known To Be Quiet.

Let Your Wings Spread-Chris King (This Song GOES HARD.)


Destined For Greatness-Chris King (Lyrical Sh!t)

March 13, 2009

Young HollyWood Cipher PT. 1 W/ Young Myles

Okay...So I've Decided To Start A Thing Called "Young HollyWood Cipher" Which Will Consist Of Young Cats Out Here In Thats Gettin' They Shine As Real Lyricist & Future Stars....We Got Next Please Stay Tuned...& hit My if you feel capable of gettin it in with the squad lOl.

my world is your world.


PLEASE watch this 5 part show on the History Channel's show The Universe... This is the one about Light Speed... I promise you will understand the importance of time and space.

I Found Meezy/Young'in/Young Myles!

Nike Boots

Shouts To Wale.

Flyer Than The Rest Of Em'


Yo this is a summer 2009 must see! my dad directed it and he worked his ass off so go support its stupid dumb retarded hot!

March 12, 2009


Project run-way winner 'Christian Siriano' really looks out for fashion lovers during recession time.
One year after winning the show he debuted his first shoe collection AT PAYLESS. now he has created a VERY affordable shoe line ALL PRICED UNDER 45 DOLLARS!!
Christian Siriano for Payless
then theres always my personal favorite:

Where's My Crown? Round 1.

Sneak Peek Compilation Of The First Batch Of Songs Thats Been Coming Out Of These New Sessions I've Been Having...So Here's A Few Snippets Of Some Songs You Should Most Def. Look Out For Here At & Please Pay Attention Ya'lll Its Getting Waaaay To Serious..I'm Only Getting Better.....

Snippet Tracklisting:
1.Spontaneous Combustion(Feat. Dinooo Supreemooo)-Chris King
2.Feelin' A Dream-Chris King
3.Chutes & Ladders-Chris King
4.Royal Stanky Legg-Chris King
5.Gutta FlySh!t (Feat. Chris King)-iM|L0.
6.UAlreadyKnow(I Love You)-C-Not3 & Chris King

W.M.C.? Round 1 (Snippets)-Chris King

Photo Booth Pimpin!

Photo Booth Pimpin 101

LOUD|Silence Coming Soon


March 10, 2009



2Morrow I Get To Be In A Jerk Video With Julian & Them Power Ranger Boys/DreamTeam!!
My Jerk Is 2Official Duh!

Know Your Punchlines

"its J-Rock and Weezy need i say mo/Clothesline the beat Ted Dibiase flow"-Weezy
[All My Life-Jay Rock Feat. Lil Wayne]

Where Are You Meeezy?

add youngin
1811 Dummmmmmmy!

Royal Sneakers Vol.1

Air Jordan VII (7) OC - Miro

Originally believed to be inspired by the upcoming Olympic Games, this Air Jordan 7 is now known to be inspired by the great Spanish artist Joan Miró and his famous sculpture called “Woman and Bird”. Miró died shortly before Michael Jordan helped team USA take gold in the ‘84 Olympics, in addition Michael Jordan originally wore the Air Jordan 7’s in the ‘92 Games when USA took gold, this time in Miró’s hometown of Barcelona, Spain. Thus the reasoning for the Air Jordan VII as the basis for the tribute. The shoe greatly resembles the “Woman and Bird” sculpture with its multi-colored designs covering the uppers and with its matching laces. Featured on the back of the shoe is Jordan’s Olympic number 9. This shoe will be available at the Opium store in Barcelona on July 3rd. via Nice Kicks

Release Date: 08/xx/2008

Name: Air Jordan 7

OCStyle: 323313-161

Color: White/Sport Red-Black-Metallic Gold

Price: $175


Originally surfacing last year amongst the load of SB samples, this latest Dunk High interpretation from Nike SB features inspiration from Family Guy’s resident pervert Glenn Quagmire. The uppers take obvious hints from his favorite button-down shirt alongside blue canvas representing his pants and various other accented colors throughout. Now available at DQM as well as other select SB retailers.

PS: I Love FAMiLY GUY!!!


Money Is The Motivation

todays lesson

watch what comes flying out your mouth

real spit.

Hey Wack Rappers?!

i'm Startin To Look Down On Ya'll.

March 9, 2009


Hello it's LO.

I know i've been super duper MIA on the blog but I'm back like I left something LOL..I don't really post on this blog like I should but you can go to see what's up on this end...On that note I have nothing else to say but Go circle!:)

Loud|Silence coming soon

Uhhhh Your a J E R K!

If You Haven't Heard Of My Nigga Julian Goins You Ain't Heard Of Jerking lOl. Him & His Squad Power RangersDream Team Been Making These Can You Jerk? Videos & there Gettting Alotta Notice You Feel Me & Me & Julian & My Nigga Jorden Are All Pretty Good Friends So I Thought I'd Post About Them...His YOUTUBE ACCOUNT is so hit that up asap & uuhhhh iMMA JERK!

(Yo Julian Or Jorden Get AT Me For The Cameo In This Sh!t Str8 Up!)


March 8, 2009

Crash Dummyz

Gutta FlySh!t (Feat. Chris King)-iM|L0
Loud|Silence:Release Date Coming Soon.......

PT. 1 Enjoi.

March 6, 2009



March 5, 2009

Throwback Video

2 Much meeting with their manager Mathew Knowles and Michelle

SnapBack Muzik Album Covers VOL.1

THESE ALBUM COVERS OF THE 90s Are Creative BUt Music Was At Its Most "Raw-ness"

In My Opinion....SnapBack Muzik is slightly inspired by the 90s since music was finding its identity you know...but chea....these are a couple of my favorites.....

Funny Person

I Can't manage to not look at good ol Dave & not think of every funny skit he's ever done...I CAN'T LOOK AT MR. CHAPELLE & NOT LAUGH...I hope I Don't meet him..he might think i'm like disrespecting him or something cause i'll hysterically in his face because his work was so damn funny..... but chea HE ROCKS MY COMEDIC SOCKS lmaOO.


NEW GENRE:SnapBack Muzik

Uhmmm...The Genre Of Muzik I Would Like To Classify What I DO...Or The Sound I Enjoy...I Have Labeled It "SnapBack Muzik"...Its something like the Neo-Soul Of Rap.....From The Skinny Jeans....TO The Fitted....Cruising Down The Block In That Relaaaaaxed Mood...SO Yeahh Thats All...So The Point Is If Any One Ask...

Question:Hey What Kind Of Music Does Chris King Make?



Happy BirthDay Milaaaaaaaa You 17 Finaallly Suckaaaaaaa.

March 4, 2009

D U M B!.

Shouts To Lexy & Indigo lmaOO.

Royal Sp!t.

Me & C-Not3....Our Quietly Working On A Little Thing Called
"C.King Vs. C-Not3"

Coming After His 1st Offcial MixTape

"Half-Man Half-Savage"

Check His Page Out:
P.S.:I Got An Audition Tomorrow For A ABC Pilot Show Called "CougarTown" With Courtney Cox Involved.....So Yeahhh Wish Me Luck.........

Abstract Thoughts [Snippet]-Chris King

March 2, 2009

you know.

"You know I'm good with the love song's.... riiiighhht?"
- C. King

March 1, 2009

Stating The Facts

2 Things You Should Know About 2Much If You Didn't Know Already.
1.We Put Out 1 Video Called "Fire" & We Put A iTunes Single Called "Candy Girl"...Thats It We Have Not Put Out Our Debut Album Yet.
2.We Been Doing Everything Thus Far BY OURSELVES & OUR TIME IS COMING SOON.....
It seems people have gotten us slightly twisted.
We are technically classified as somewhat as a NEW ARTIST is my point.
so when you here any "Circle" Stamped music and/or product....realize this is all NEW. & take it as such. The reason i say this is because watching what you been seeing on this site so far...has been watching the growth of young individuals evolving there artistry...we do not take this music thing lightly its all we love to do. SO JUST TAKE US AS NEW ARTIST WHEN WE COME BACK.....
thank you.....

Madvillany Freestyle-Chris King

R&Beast | DatPiff

R&Beast can also be previewed and downloaded off DatPiff so to check that out Click Here.