January 31, 2009

Today's news...

SO!  Today RnbXclusive.com showed ya boy love. They posted the song I just put out a post below (or on www.myspace.com/marcelthernbeast)... Ditched

& MediaTakeOut.com also posted about Keke and us from our Circle event "Dos' L.A. present's PG.1 Fashion Show w/ DOnUt Clothing Co. & Illionaire's Clothing Co."

January 30, 2009

(MARS)cel - Ditched

(MARS)cel & PJ (of Small Change) - Ditched

(MARS)cel & Chris King - Ditched

Shoutout to the homie Skye & the rest of Sophia Fresh


January 28, 2009

King Of Hearts

My Valentine's Day Mixtape Is Called "King Of Hearts" & I Plan On Putting It Out Here On www.welcometothecircle.com on FEBURARY 15 2009....so this is a snippet coming off of that to another favorite classic of mine by A Tribe Called Quest & The Beat Is "Bonita Applebaum" So Enjoi...

Classic Sh!t

Applebaum (Snippet)-Chris King

More Pictures from "Circle & Dos' LA presents PG.1 Fashion Show w/ DOnUt Clothing Co. and The Illionaire's

Camille came thru...
So did Tyler...

Of course Keke...
& Marques...
Quincy, or iQ came thru...
The Circle...w/ Miko
DOnUt & Robert Townsend... Skye and Sierra to but no pictures...
Amanda of Bella Browne, and Yannie , Yannie modeled...
One of our lady models... Kasey

The DOnUt Bunch
Boogie Town lead character... look it up!

January 27, 2009


January 26, 2009

New Muzik

Yeah, So I'm Slowly Starting To Progress On This Muzik Tip....Slowly Evolving....Into Somebody All People Can Rock With...."Where's My Crown" is my official 2nd Tape & uhmmm The "Valentine's Day" Tape Is Prolly Gonna Have Like 10 Songs On It...But Uhmmm Yeah Back To Business...Here's A Snippet Of This Song Called "Sincerely, Yours"...& Its me Writing To This Girl As A Secret Admirer....CiRCLE.

Sincerely,Yours (Snippet)-Chris King

I Know I Wrote A Love Letter Once Before.......But I Think I Had Write 2 Of Em Though.....
UPDATE:To Listen To The Full Version Its On Myspace.com/yic23
Check Out to download

Royal Opinion:iRespect MF DOOM

He Doesn't Do It For The Full Effect Of Fame..He Wears This MASK EVERYWHERE. To me its somewhat symbolic...it symbolizes a pure,uncut, raw talent..that shines without a face ...nothing more then a metal mask & lyrical genius.....anybody can be the best...your neighbor could be the next Jay-Z...or ol' girl on the corner is the next Serena Williams....or you may know the next President of the U.S.......
In The Meantime Check Out This UnderGround Legend If You Haven't Already Forreal Later.....

January 24, 2009

Where's My Crown? Mixtape Coming Soon....

My Next Official Mixtape "Where's My Crown?" Is About To Be Amazing & Everything You Wouldn't Expect...I've Evolved....I'm An Animal....But This Song Is Over One Of My Favorite Beats By Tupac Shakur Called "Do For Love"....But I Turned Into A Way To Express For These Ladies.....Or The Right Woman...So Vibe With A Helpless Romantic....

Classic Sh!t

Helpless Romantic-Chris King

January 22, 2009

NU-NU lol


Hey guys, its your girl Knesha from Bella Browne & The Circle09. Im finally gonna be here to post the things I think are interesting so you guys can get to know ME...KA-NAYNAY lol love ya!

No Parachute (Snippet)- iM|L0.

Loud|Silence Coming Soon

info on my mixtape


Hey guys, ive been procastinating like a bumb on releasing a mixtape but me and my group members have come to the conclusoion that the wait is done. Ill be starting to work on it next week. im sorry ive had you guys waiting for so long. so look out for that! I love you guys, and im SUPER excited to ave ya'll listen to my stuff aside from what ya'll heard from Bella Browne!


RecycleBin Vol. 1......The Compilation


Classic Sh!t.

Tracklisting Info:
1.RecycleBin 2008/2009.
2.Blue Magic
5.A Milli
8.I'm Y.I.C.
9.Swagger Like C.King
10.Teenage Werewolf Hustlers.
11.Geometric Shape (Freestyle Acapella)
12.Chillin' Like A Freezer
13.Summer Love 2008
14.Lollipop Session
15.Gimmie My Crown
17.The Exit.


January 21, 2009

In Honor Of B.I.G.

So While (Mars)Cel Was Doing "Dead Raw" W/ Biggie In Honor Of The Late Great Christopher Wallace.....I Was In The Room Next Door Doing This Freestyle Right Before We Left To See The Movie..So Yeah Its Pretty Much A Session Where I ...Well....Lyrically...GO iN.
It was done on Jan. 16 2009. & its Over That Spit Your Game Beat By Biggie & What Not.

Sp!t|Talk Sh!t Freestyle-Chris King

Loud|Silence. Coming Soon!

Shameless Plugs

Check Out to download

My New Page Is Craaaazy Dope!
Thanks Kei!
Check Out to download

2 Much - Try Again

2 Much - Try Again

January 20, 2009

We made history.

ladies touch!

since i seem to be the only girl on this blog who posts. LETS GET MUSHY!

so maybe im not going to be a lesbian...but im just one of those ''emotional little girls'' (quote unquote) who love the idea of love. The wierd thing is ive NEVER been the type to fall easily but it seems the one guy who just cant love me right i fell super hard for. and it wont go away. so Does that mean that im just a dumb girl in a dumb situation or is this really the person for me. i must think hes worth it because i keep coming back and vice versa. anyway let me explain my last post, It always seems that the GIRL is always the one who is emotionally attached and because of this its harder for them to move on and they're heart gets broken as to guys simply have the ability to never look back. Why is it that whenever i get into an argument with my love interest im stuck on the event all day. It affects me in a way that nothing else can affect me and he can go on with his day in a non depressing manner. It doesnt mean he loves me any less or that the things he tells me is all a lie its just that BOYS DONT HAVE THE EMOTIONAL STRINGS GIRLS HAVE. In a sad sick way, its something that us ladies cant change about ourselves even though most like me wish they could. Not only do i wish that i could not care about the petty arguments we get into that unnecessarily get bigg but i wish that i wouldnt do it because honestly its us girls downfall. What nigga wants to deal with a girl who calls after they hang up 33 to 50 times until they answer, or someone who cries at any imperfect thig that goes on within the relationship or better yet someone who takes advantage of a guy caring and does the same things wrong over and over because they can. as sad as it is in society females have to be perfect no matter how much dirt males pull the ladies always have to keep it real...real being fake because nobodies perfect. in conclusion all im saying is im basically taking the fellas side...ladies we gotta grow up!

Credit to...

The Spanish 2 Much Fanclub for the silhouette on the new header!


dont put your emotions into a nigga because no nigga Puts their emotions into you.
Boys dont care i mean they prob love you but to them thats nothing.
so everyone go LESBIAN!!!! lol


The President Inauguration is on! Welcome the United States of America's 44th President...

Barack Obama

The Beatles

January 19, 2009


Young Myles - You Know What It Is

beyonce is a bad ass

Ashlyn Nycole

So there's a member of the Circle that yall haven't really gotten acquainted with yet because she's been working on her project so diligently but she has crazy vocals and that authentic urban swag & she has been in the Circle for a good minute now... she's our sister and she has to be one of the realest people I know. Her myspace has recently been put up. Music will be up on her page soon but for now make sure you go and show your love to Ashlyn Nycole.

just dont do drugs =]

Everyone check out sober house on vh1 with dr. drew, i love it!
i just got done watching it, new show tomorrow=]

RecycleBin Vol. 1

RecycleBin Vol.1
Coming Soon
Stay Tuned....

January 17, 2009

*EDITED* w/ Dirty Version Notorious and Dead Raw.

So last night Chris King, Young Myles, Amanda and I went out to Pasadena last night to go see Notorious with Keke and a couple other friends of ours. The movie was pretty cool considering you get the chance to see what it was really like back then with B.I.G and the relationships he had with all the other known faces back then like Faith Evans, Lil' Kim, Puffy and the familiar Label executive's.

So I actually did this song a lil' minute ago but I figured it was a little too raw for me to release to the public but since seeing the movie it had me anxious to just put it out since it seem's to be time for Notorious B.I.G and I did the song to the "Dead Wrong" beat by B.I.G and he's actually still rappin' on the track. So, I took out a few of the offensive language... (only some) so check it out, here's one of the song's I did for R&Beast... its called "Dead Raw" with Notorious B.I.G...

(Do not download if your easily offended)

Dead Raw - (MARS)cel w/ The Notorious B.I.G

Dead Raw (Dirty Version) - (MARS)cel w/ The Notorious B.I.G

January 16, 2009

we dont give a f**k about no hoe

no hoe
no hoe
no hoe
no hoe

Creativity award goes to...

The White Stipes - 7 Army Nation...

Dos' L.A. Present's PG. 1 Fashion Show w/ DOnUt Clothing Co. & The Illionaire's Clothing Co.

We'll post more pictures and video's of our event later with an explanation and intro to what all this is... but for now check out a few personal pics from the Dos' LA presents PG.1 fashion show with DOnUt Clothing Co. and Illionaire's Clothing Co. Afterparty taken off our friend's camera's... way more pictures and video to come just from different views... Circle / Dos' L.A. '09

It was alot of work but we all did this...

From one of the other line's blog... The Illionaire's Blog...
(keep in mind you guys... we are Dos' L.A.)

The Boogie performed...

Overdoz performed...

Lite graced the stage...

Chris King performed and the Circle and the other teams joined him on stage...

This is only a few... way more to come...

Chris King performed...

Young Myles performed...

H. Wood Funny Interview from the event...

Visit ThisIsDosLA.com coming soon...
Visit and show DOnUt Clothing Co. love at DoYouNotThem.com
Last but not least visit The Illionaire's at TheIllionaires.com