June 26, 2010

Best Self Promo @TheRealDjKhaled

@Big_Sean - High Rise (Uncut)

is it wrong to call him a hero?

What is "Mickey"?

In Los Angeles,California we use the term "Mickey" to describe somebody being a very . . . conniving person. . .let me explain.
Mickey or Miccey - To be extremely sneaky or "shady" towards another individual. To do things only a person with no respect for others would do. EXAMPLE: to ride in your homie's car then steal change out of there glove compartment.

June 25, 2010

Michael Joseph Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

June 24, 2010

@PRiNCESS_bEEbEE Feat @TheRealJuliann - Get Me Outta Here

Now everyone knows i heavy fxcks with #RangerGang. Me & Juliann grew up together and Bee Bee is my homegirl ever since the "Teach Me How To Jerk" - AudioPush videoshoot. Check her new sh!t out she's going places and its all because of her determination to get there. I think their whole camp is gonna make it not because of anyone else but themselves. Keep Grinding! Check it out!

@LawsHipHop- Hold You Down (Official Video)

Now if you haven't heard of this cat your missing out. Laws is undeniably one of the most surprising spitters i've came across. I was looking for some other music and accidentally downloaded a track by him called "G" and after hearing 1:03 of pure craziness. . .i knew he was a problem. He is J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League 's rapper (Maybach Music PT.2 W/ Rick Ro$$ , Weezy , Yeezy & T-Pain) and he is going places and he will be working with me soon and most likely end up on #BigDreamsAndPocketChange . . .Check Him Out.

June 22, 2010

@PrinceChrishan - "Man Of The Year" Drops!

Chrishan - Man Of The Year Mixtape
Hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar

Chrishan's new mixtape, Man Of The Year, features the smash records "Popular Girl" with Chris King  and "Demeanor" with (MARS)cel !

Download Both Tracks Below And Chrishan's New Mixtape!

Download "Demeanor" feat (MARS)Cel

Download "Popular Girl" feat Chris KING

Download "Man Of The Year" Mixtape

June 21, 2010


Happy 21st Birthday Marcel! :)

June 17, 2010

Tupac Amaru Shakur

June 15, 2010

@PrinceChrishan - Man Of The Year

Chrishan - Man Of The Year Mixtape
Hosted by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar
Will be dropping on June 22 on HotNewHipHop.com & Here!

Chrishan's new mixtape, Man Of The Year, will feature the smash record "Popular Girl" featuring our very own Chris King on it. It will ALSO feature a record with ME, (MARS)cel on it that you all have never heard before! So be sure to get the tape as SOON as it drops and visit Chrishan's twitter (www.Twitter.com/PrinceChrishan) and ReTweet his post about it dropping for the chance to win a brand new iPad!

Download and Listen to
Chrishan feat. Chris King - Popular Girl

and look out for the record featuring me, (MARS)cel on 6/22!

June 11, 2010

"Crash Dummyz Moment" @Milo719

This was soooooo long ago but just imagine two dudes surrounded by a whole bunch of bad females who seemed slightly more interested in each other than the two boys they're with lmaoooooo.

Remember Those Days

So Simple. . .So Dope.

simply RED

Ecstasy - @OneChanceOC

Ecstasy - One Chance

they ain't never lied...


talk about letting go of all your fears...
base jump in the ocean.

Mercury & The Moon Sampler - @MarcelDion

Just a few records off my 2nd Official Mixtape
Mercury &The Moon.

Mercury & The Moon Sampler
(Click Play button to Play)

Who is @1500orNothin ?

Now if you haven't heard of this team 1500 or Nothing. . .keep listening. . .they're slowly coming up in the production game with crafty beats & witty concepts. They've not only produced for our current labelmates Fizz & Boog, but they''ve worked with Jay-Z , Kanye West , Lupe Fiasco , Asher Roth , Tyrese , The Game , Snoop Dogg , Chris Brown & most recently produced Nipsey Hu$$le 's new single with Lloyd called "Feeling Myself" . . . now stay on the look out for these guys to surely keep surprising you. . .

@TravisGarland- Airplanes 3.0

Now if you don't know who Travis Garland is. . .he is an upcoming singer that the famed gossip blogger Perez Hilton is sooooo in love with right now its kinda eerie. . .but hey who cares?! My homie here has been a friend of me & the rest of the boys for a while considering we used to be labelmates on T.U.G. when he was apart of the group NLT. He is a pretty good friend of ours even though he lives in Texas everytime we see each other its all love as if nothing changed so i'mma show my support for him regardless! Now peep his crazy remix to B.O.B.'s "Airplanes" Feat. Hayley Williams Of Paramore . . .i don't usually post things like this but he did THAT GOOD .

@Gucci1017 - Everybody Looking

Blue Lamborghini X Blue Diamonds X Blue Air Max 95s X Doors Open As You Whip.
He's Baaaaaaack.

@TheRealLilKim Vs. @NICKIMINAJ

So.  .  .this was bound to have happened sooner or later. . . but what did you expect I mean even though Nicki Minaj is 2010's "Lil Kim" she is the NEW SHIT. I hate when the veterans really try to keep shining when their already "Home" (Word to Hov). Now weather or not Nicki did pop off some B.S. behind the scences.  . .she is a new artist who is honestly killing the game better than any female rapper before her. . .she has no album out and obviously she's enough of a hot topic to be brought up by the Queen Bee to begin with. . .just please let it go because Lil Kim is about to release those "industry" secrets only other artist can comprehend and understand. . .Just damn can't we all just get along?!

June 9, 2010

FaceBook Us - @Circle2010

June 8, 2010

Chronicles Of A King Day 2

Chronicles Of A King
June 8th

Location: Young Myles' 1811 Studios / His House

So today i woke up from one really "eye-opening" night. Multiple phone calls blow up my cellular and this morning i guess i just don't feel like hearing voices. So since i decided to go to sleep last night at 4 AM i'm waking up around 12:45 PM to my mother's voice talking about how annoyed she is that i'm sleep at this time of the day. Her voice is so distinctive i wake up simply because i don't know what to expect after hearing all the BS. My old friend Ryan ended up showing up at my crib unannounced but its cool considering he's a good kid. We grew up living next door to each other for a few years but he moved. Either way he shows up and tells me & my mother how he's in college now and how his family is doing. My mom then complains about how the grass is dying and how i should water it but honestly i don't even think she cares about the grass. She leaves me & Ryan at the crib alone so we dip over to Young Myles' crib. I rush over to here cause I heard young #BASED God Lil B got snuffed by some punk ass berkeley,CA goons & honestly i had to see it! Damn they snuck those hits on some weenie sh!t but anyways. We sit on www.worldstarhiphop.com going through the daily black media. Myles hops outta bed and proceeds to lifting paint cans with rocks in them as "weights" to work out. My young bull is hood. All the while we bangin' #Flocka , #TrapOrDie2 , #Biggie , #Weezy & everything out of one of the hood stereos with the fucked up speakers that we appreciate. I went on a little rant on my Facebook & Twitter about all the BS that's currently ticking me off in silence. While i'm typing this my little bro Mishon just popped up on 106 and Park at #7 with Roscoe Dash (Shoooowwwww Outtttttttt!) for their record "Turn It Up". Its crazy how much he grew up. Me & Mishon 's older brother Mikey went to school together and me & Mishon would have little dance battles at his house when he was real young. He ALWAYS could sing even as a child. Proud of him reppin' the city of FONTANA. Now we're bumpin "Machine Gun Funk" - #Biggie waiting for the right moment so i can shake to Los Angeles,CA to pick up some $$$ of course. So i'll try to keep ya'll posted on my end as to how the day plays out. C.King
Location: arrOw's crib
9:09 PM
So. . .after it was all said and done, I left Meezy's crib considering he was gonna go watch his little brother's football practice, i can respect that so I told him i'll catch him later tonight. I drove in my pajamas,tanktop, & UNLV Dunks to arrOw's house & of course Dash T.Radd was here as well. My Mon$ter $quad homies always seem to cheer me up and make me laugh. They are all about making $$$ , Party , & BullSh!t so we always get along :-). We told a few jokes posted up and watched District 9 while discussing plans to takeover the world. . .well. . .OUR world. I took arrOw to handle some business up the street then dropped them off to go take a shower at my own house. . .now this is where things get kinda depressing. . .I get home and my mother is texting me some awkward mean things. . .but considering I'm a JR, she was actually trying to text my father. GO FIGURE. I get in the house and get word that my n!gga Marcel & Aiden are about to swing through Fontana to chill but of course my main concern is. . .where's Karen Flores?. . .me & her had a pretty bad arguement last night that didn't end too well , & even though we fight. . .i still love her and its so unexplainable its scary to everyone. . .either way i called to find out her whereabouts and she's not coming. . .instead she's going to a poetry lounge in L.A. . .which is an hour in the opposite direction. . .it hurts my heart but i'll get over it. . .but right when K.Flo is done cussing me out, my mother ends up yelling at me for the house phone considering i broke the other phone in the house so we ONLY HAVE 1 FUCKING PHONE IN THE WHOLE DAMN HOUSE. So she yells at me for using the phone at all cause she needed it for "Business Purposes" . . .sounds like B.S. if you ask me SHE HAS A DAMN CELL PHONE RIGHT NEXT TO HER!. . .sorry. . .i was rambling. . .anyways I go to give her the phone and she's cussing me out almost the same way K.Flo was. When i hand her the phone she launches that muthaf*cka at my head but luckily it missed. I started going off punching the wall and kicking shit as i walk up stairs to a running shower that nobody is inside of. I go in the bathroom look in the mirror and tears proceed down my face. . .a feeling of i'm so trapped in this chaotic world and I can't get out comes over me. I jump in the shower sit on the floor of the tub and cry like a child since nobody can see me anyways. Everyone thinks because your a "Rapper" your emotionless. . .then you never met this lyricist. I hop out the shower after 20 minutes throw my clothes on , hop in my car and push all the way to arrOw's crib. I walk in to these n!ggas watching "Zohan" & this n!gga Zohan is ridiculously perfect and funny as hell! I didn't watch the Laker game because i follow @NBA and they keep me updated on the game (#LAKESHOW B!ZNATCH). Now i'm waiting for Aiden & Cel to get here. Until then i'mma try to Gram Up with a Swisher of course cause Zig Zags burn to fast for me. If anything new happens i'll letchu know. C.King

Good Morning Mr. West!

Imma Let You Finish But Emm,
Happy 33rd Birthday Mr.West!

Wake up Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. Fresh, Mr.-By-himself-he-so-impressed!

ICE anyone?

Lets Get The ICE Hyphy!

Join The Circle's Street Team To Show Support And Spread The Word About THE CIRCLE! Ready?

Join Here : http://thecirclestreet.com/form.html or
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June 7, 2010

iPhone 4

iPhone 4
coming June 24th...

Steve Jobs just announced iPhone 4($200-$300) at the Worldwide Developers Conference. It is 34% thinner than the iPhone 3GS, but 3 grams heavier(It is 4.5 x 2.31 inches, and 0.37 inches thick. It weighs 4.8 ounces), black glass and stainless steel body, and with split buttons for volume, unlike the current iPhone 3GS. Featuring an Apple A4 processor, seven hours of talk time, a front-facing camera (640 x 480) FaceTime video calls and an LED flash alongside its new 5-megapixel camera on the back, a 3.5-inch Retina Display(the same size as current iPhones, higher resolution (960 x 640). The price? The 16GB iPhone 4 will sell for $199, and the 32GB for $299. The phone will be available in black or white on June 24th.

Tom C. Dancing!

June 6, 2010

@RickyRozay - MC Hammer

Off of Ricky's latest project "Albert Anastasia EP" he honors one of Hip-Hop's most memorable Rappers in his own drug lord , "i'm the best to ever do it", fat bossy guy manner. Produced by Lex Luger . . .this track has the streets buzzin' so here it is.

@ChrisKing23 - Lose My Mind Freestyle

meet my alias.
king sw!sher sweets.
yes it is that Jeezy/Algernoid song.
"Black & Orange Charger call it "Trick Or Treat".

Don't You Love My Love. . .@RichHil

seriously i don't care what you may say. this guy is interesting.
i dig this song & the production by the Surf Club was #Niiiiiiice (word to @myfabolouslife)
Rich Hil is a man i definitley wanna work with on my next mixtape "Big Dreams & Pocket Change" his website is "NoLimos.com"
This song won't leave my heeeeeeeeeeeeeead.
& he's Tommy Hilfiger's son.

Chronicles Of A King Day 1

waddup everybody! . . i been working on me. . .you know getting everything in order so. . .forgive me if it seems i been kinda just all over the place trying to find my "position or spot" on this surface called earth. I've been going through a whirlwind of things i always seem to have an issue expressing my views on things and i always catch myself trying to find an "outlet" to you to all my frustrations that i'm sure everybody has. so i thought . . .i should make a Tumblr . . .then i thought WTF i have a blog! #Circle2010 fooooooooooooL. . .any way so i'm back either way but forreal this time. so anyways lets's get to the story of today.

Chronicles Of A King
4:42 PM
June 6th

Location : Young Myles "1811 Studios" / His House

So i woke up this morning recovering from last nights excursions. Alot of laughs, Alot of cries, and as usual a tidal wave of drama that usually ruins the night. Either way i suppose i usually appreciate these wild moments. . .but the night before had to have took its toll on me judging by the fact i'm still waking up in my Levi 501s with no socks & no shirt inside of Myles's living room on the couch. Next to a half drunken sprite bottle & some dirty infared air max 90s. Speaking of which i need to go cop so more sneakers, which is a thought i haven't had in ages believe it or not. Either way i wake up to a phone backed up full of missed calls & text messages. I made a few phone calls to get my mind straight but nothing could honestly fix this feeling of just. . .disorganized hurt & confusion. Whatever. . .Myles' brother's say whuddup to me as usual so does his Mom & Mustafa (His Stepdad). Staying at Myles' house always brings peace in my mind for the simple fact his parents are really that cool. I talked to them for about 15 minutes about last night and they gave me great advice like always about life and all of its crazy twist & turns. I left Myles' crib to go to my house which is nearby and shower and change clothes. Left from there hit up my faithful fam arrOw from Mon$ter $quad to hook me up with some "medicine" cause he always "Knows a Guy" lmaooooo & he also always keeps a swisher in hand for a young bull incase i need it You Feel Me?! lOl so i go to his house pull up and here him bangin' some Wiz Khalifa loud in the backyard i walk back there and he sparking up as soon as i walk in lmaooooo. we talk & chief a little "summin summmin" & i dip out with grams in hand :-D. i come back to this n!gga "Meeeeeezy's" (Young Myles) house and had a plate of Mexican Food from Taco Factory & it was fire. Chicken Enchilada's with the beans & rice! Now i'm bloggging to y'all as the day progresses i'll keep you posted. Later.