July 31, 2009

Who Sang It Better?

"I been in this game for years... it made me an animal..." haha nah but as you all know all of us, The Circle and 2 Much have been in this game for years and its interesting to see how the records circulate and who actually ends up with them and puts em' out. We've done songs that RL from Next had done, our song "They Don't Know" was also done by B5 as well. The Dream used our track from "She Ain't You" for his song "Cringing." Its a trip... but this song right here I came across like a year and a half ago originally for Bella Browne
to do and it was Chasity singing it. I saw today that Karina Pasian has done the song
as well as Junior (from Yung Berg's "Sexy Ladies") used the track as well for a different song and its written by the homie RL from Next (who did a few of our records)! Oak you're dope!
Who Sang it Best?

In Sync - Karina Pasian

In Sync - Chasity

Go - Junior

Who Sang It Better?
Karina Pasian
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Royal Fridays #5 | W.M.C.?

1st Street Single Off Of "Where's My Crown?" December 11th 2009, the song is a chant for my underrated underdogs in this music sh!t. we been considered "Rookies" so long....we might as well be considered "Veterans" at being "Rookies". This is straight Bars & the beat is lOcO. enjoi.
*Bonus Sh!t*
How Many Rappers You Know Can Kill A Beat From 1960's?
The Temptations Would Be Proud :-D

July 30, 2009


Eminem - The Warning _Dissin Mariah Carey _ Nick Cannon

July 29, 2009

Mr. King Of Hearts

you know i`m good at the love songs riiight?
*D/L Here*

July 28, 2009

What's your scent?

***** / 5 stars
Now Milo likes 'Blue Sugar' by Aquolina cologne, I did alot of researching and sniffing different cologne's before I came to the conclusion that 'Euphoria Intense' by Calvin Klein was the perfect 1 for me and it says everything I want people to know about me before I even open my mouth.

I figured if I'm gonna post about cologne... I'd need to take a look at some perfume's for you ladies and decide which perfume rises above them all and which perfume I'd love for my dreamgirl to wear. I came across 'Halle' by Halle Berry thanks to Amanda... ladies hop on it.
*****/5 stars

Lost Angels in Los Angeles

July 27, 2009

T-Rich ft. (MARS)cel - Aye Shawty

T-Rich ft. (MARS)cel - Aye Shawty

July 25, 2009

Back IN Time ::: Aaliyah

Supreemo Saturdays ; 2 New Tracks

I'm probably not gonna do this often ..
Buhht , i'm gonna try .
a nigga be workin & shit . LOL .


- . COMING FALL 2009

The Trilogy

BluePrint III
Anticipation is Increasing.
2nd Single

Run This Town-Sean Carter (Feat. Robyn Fenty & KanYe West)http://www.zshare.net/audio/630985931b101073/

July 24, 2009

Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier III XDR

Nike Zoom Soldier III XDR

The Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier III XDR is designed for outdoor use, yet still maintains the lightweight performance that the Soldier III is synonymous with. The key in strengthening the longevity of the shoes comes from XDR, Extra Durable Rubber. Unfortunately, these will only release as an Asia Exclusive so they won’t hit US Stores. You can however, pick them up at Kix-Files.

You can see additional photos by clicking here.

source :nikekicks.com

R&B Appreciation ; Donell Jones

R&B Appreciation ;
Donell Jones

Dope . Forreal .


Where I Wanna Be
This Luv
Shorty Got Her Eyes On Me
U Know What's Up

i'm gonna start postin' shit like this
at random . HAH .


Class!c Material.

who leaked this song?
This is like the day after we recorded "Grow Up(Prod. By Sean Garrett)" in ATL in like 2006.
Song Still Bangs Though :-)

They Don't Know (Prod. By RL From Next)-2Much

Great Representation

" see you just another urkel.
&we don't like squares thats why i'm in The Circle Baaaaaby......"
"I Go By"-TdashRich

Happy 18th sMyles OhiO | Royal Fridays #4

My 1811 Family & Brother is 18 Finally.
So This Royal Friday Is New Sh!t W/ Him.
A Favorite Song Of Mine & Its Off Of "W.M.C.?" Officially.
CheckMate (Feat. Young Myles)-Chris King

Happy 18th Meeezyyy!

Happy 18th Myles Cleveland.
Brother 4 Life.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hope you have a good day!
Love you like the L.A. l0l

July 23, 2009

AudioPush - Teach Me How To Jerk

Back in May I told yall to get familiar with some of our homies called The Push.
well they changed their name to AudioPush and they just killed the game with their video for the song I told yall about.

Teach Me How To Jerk

Congratulations MiNazzzzzeeZZZ!

Big Sean

Getcha Some-Big Sean

Album:Finally Famous

a spitter for the fashionista's.

Yeezy knows how to pick an artist.

July 22, 2009

And Its A Boy!

Congrads. to Kelis and Nas (even tho they can't stand each other) on their baby boy Knight. (cuteee name!)

P.S. Did Anyone snatch up those Six Flag tickets for $15 per person today?!


It's ya boy T just chekkin innn
Gettin kloser to the mixtape release...
Once I get some drafts of the kover...we kan get a date poppin!
 While I'm here...

ISN'T THIS DOPEE!!..Pull'D this from Kanye's BLOG..REAL SPACESUITS..

- Im doin this on the toilet (yup...)
- Im listening to "Poke Her Face" by Kid Cudi and Ye
- I been sittin here for 30 minutes now LMAO haha 


July 19, 2009

2 Much/World's First "Get It" The Mixtape

Download the new mixtape from ya boys! the info on it below...

2 Much/World's First "Get It" The Mixtape

the info on it below...
also featured on RnBXclusive:

"Here’s a new Mixtape by the group 2Much/World’s First, featuring their HOT single called “Get It Girl” which will be on the Bring It On: Fight To The Finish Soundtrack available on 1st September on iTunes, also check out their blogwww.welcometothecircle.com for more tracks by members of the group. Shouts to (MARS)cel
1) Pop! Pop! Bang Bang
2) Just Know
3) Bomb Bomb
4) G-Shock
5) Who Am I
6) Say It Again
7) Friends With Benefits
8) Starter Cap|Snap Back
9) Love You Like The L.A.
10) Get It Girl

Happy 19th LO!

Happy 19th Birthday to Our Brother Milo
of 2 Much and The Circle
we rideeeeeee!


July 18, 2009

Royal Fridays #3

sorry i'm late 8-).

$100K- Young Moses (Feat. Chris King & Young Myles)

Uhhh Ohhh (Feat. Young Myles) [Snippet] [Rough Cut]-Chris King

[Lost Track On W.T.W.B.] W.T.W.B. (Intro)-Chris King

Happy 20th Birthday Dino!

Happy 20th Birthday to Dinoo Supreemo of The Circle!
hope you have a good one and many more...

Dinoo Supreemo - Dirty Ass Vans

July 17, 2009

Childhood .

This gave me the chills . Damn .

What The Trend?!

The Circle represents all Young Talent out there thats been working at what they love for years puttin' in work!

on Twitter Tweet the hash tag
make this a trending topic.

Specifically includes
iM|Lo aka. Milo
T-Rich aka. Richy Neutron (www.myspace.com/Tdashrich)
Kei aka. New Kei City (www.myspace.com/keimeeinc)

but we really represent

We Represent ALL OF YOU!

Talent in Texas.

meet the producer of Pop.Pop.Bang.Bang.

14 Year Old From Texas.
(click name for myspace)

\/She Made This Beat Here\/

July 16, 2009

Micah - I Don't Care

Check out this song from our big homie Micah (www.twitter.com/micahfonecheck) produced by my other big homie Bei Maejor (www.twitter.com/beimaejor)! We grew up around Micah and he's musically ridiculous! Bei produces a lot of the songs yall love like "Not Anymore" by Letoya Luckett and a bunch of other songs!
"i don't give a damn... damn, i don't give a damn"

Micah (prod. by Bei Maejor) - I Don't Care

Common's Sixth Studio Album

Common's "BE" provides great 2009 Reccession Music.
Please Check Out This Album IF You Ever Get A Chance.

July 15, 2009


Wassup People, 

                           It's ya boy T-Rich AKA TdashRich or simply Tequan Richmond, and I am the NEWEST member of  THE CIRCLE!  Since I'm new to everybody here I figured I'd tell yaull some quikk fakts about me.

-I don't use K's when I type ( I kan spell)
-My addiktions are watches and sneakers and money of kourse
-I'm writing this while listening to 93 til Infinity 
-I'm different from the typikal "RAPPER" and I'm also a Producer and an Actor
-I'm formerly of the CW Tv show EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS 
-I'm originally from North Carolina 
-My fave kolor is RED
- My fave food is spaghetti
-My fave rapper is Jay-Z and now Drake (and myself and Chris KING) haha
-I kome off kocky, but in reality I'm real down to Earth, I promise

That's enuff for now tho..Stay up ppl!

Twitter- twitter.com/tdashrich

Chekk out a song of mine...

Beyonce "I Am" Tour

Thanks to Mathew Knowles we were able to attend Beyonce's "I Am" tour in Anaheim, CA
I took these pics with my iPhone (click to enlarge).
RichGirl performed as well.
I was blown away by her BEASTING. If you haven't seen it already... get into this and get your tickets now.

DoNut Repping The Circle.

Shoutss To DoNut (http://www.doyounotthem.com) & shoutss to my nigga Travis throwing up the familyyy lOl I was suppose to perform at their charity basketball game that just passed but me & the fellas checked out the Beyonce' Concert in Anaheim the same day. Yet the love & support is all the same str8 up!

Life .

Supreemo , Bedrock .

This is where i have my fun .

Shouts to Electric Brandon for the picture ,
i didn't even know he took it .

July 14, 2009

Currently Bumpin` :: Young Jeezy Vs. Gucci Mane

Click here to Download
Young Jeezy Vs. Gucci Mane - Street Campaign

Personally, I like both their music but If i had to choose, It Would Be.....
Gucci Mane

Yeezy The Artist.

So today I decided to take a trip through KanYe Lane & Listened To All Of His Albums...FROM END TO START. So I listened to "808's & Heartbreaks" then I listened to "Graduation"....then I listened to "Late Registration"....then I listened to the infamous first album "The College Dropout". I Must Say This...KanYe West is the most creative artist in Hip-Hop ...PERiOD. In "808's" he went through a Dark period in his life with the passing of Mrs. Donda West & his break up with his fiance at the time....so he gets a A- For Effort considering Autotune can get played after a while....."Graduation" was a piece of work that was honestly just him tryna provide a great 3rd album with classics like "Flashing Lights" (Featuring Dwele Who Is The Sh!T) & "I Wonder" , he gets a Solid B+ from me.... I absoloutley Love "Late Registration" always have & always will.....seems he was at the peak of enjoying his success & his quality of music was consistent & uplifting...A+ For that album a definte classic....& "The College Droupout" showcased a hungry Kanye West a man who was tryna display a message of hope & a dream. He wasn't fully respected as a rapper & came to prove it on Beats & Verses...a Solid A is for this classic display Of iLLness......Either way it goes Kanye West Is Dope & I can careless how many times he cries for a damn award lmaOOO the man is sick. Now I Come To ask you a simple question if you don't mind...WHATS YOUR FAVORITE YEEZY ALBUM?

Just Know (Remix) - (MARS)cel & ???

Sooo, I had mentioned on my twitter (www.twitter.com/marceldion) I wanted to feature a remix version of the song I did called "Just Know" off my first mixtape 'R&Beast' on this next mixtape that I'm working on and alot of you had asked me to post a version with open spots for yall to put a spin on it yourselves. I thought that was a great idea so here it is with an extra 8 bar in each verse and the Bridge completely open. When you record a version of it... please upload it to
and @reply the link to me on my twitter!
the idea here is to have a sick remix version featured on my next mixtape 'Mercury & The Moon' so hopefully a version that one of you all do can be on there.. Rap or Singing!

(MARS)cel - Just Know w/ Open Spots

that g-shock is sick below me...

Skateboard P.

his time is money....let him check his G-SHOCK.
i NEED that.

July 12, 2009



**NEW** The Winner By Drake

There is some new music out for you ear by ya man Drake. Im posting this one called "The Winner". I like it! I havent heard his other new tracks. This one is gonna be on his debut album(they say). **Edited** Added 2 More.

July 11, 2009

Dinoo Supreemo - Dirty Ass Vans