May 29, 2010

4 New @TDashRich Songs !

my brother is killen' em. #Circle2010Takeover

Slow (Ha-Ha) Freestyle - @ChrisKing23

everything in this song is exactly what i'm really doing. #nolie.
download and enjoy it california.

@Diggy_Simmons "What They Been Waitin' For"

my lil' brother Diggy Simmons is also a problem you ain't know?!

Diggy- What They Been Waiting For from philthegod. on Vimeo.

@LilTwist - Young Money Freestyle | #YoungMoneyCircle

now before you ask. . .no Lil Twist isn't officially in #Circle2010 but he is a heavy affiliate and recently he linked up with the infamous DJ iLL Will & DJ Rockstar & to bring you this sh!t from his sophomore mixtape "Class President" enjoi. it's funny cause right after he filmed this the next day we went to the Drake Show at the nokia theater so i think he filmed this May 12th 2010.

May 28, 2010

Why "Snowflakes In July" ?

in the midst of all of this battle nonsense i'm still trying to find the pocket of my deepest thoughts & feelings & emotion & vision into this mixtape "Big Dreams & Pocket Change" it comes out in July and honestly i just wanna give you all the best of me. . .i have a very wild imagination. . .and i just wanna bring you on my creative journey throughout life. . .the good . . .the bad. . .and the surreal. my life is a story to tell. . . nothing you've heard will be on this mixtape as starting after this song i'm dropping i will be grinding my heart out to give you a classic. . .no half assing this time around. . .this song represents the cold feeling i'm trying to give in one of the hottest moths of the summer. . .this summer. . .prepare of the evolution. . .of a K.I.N.G.

A Moment with Lo | @ChrisKing23 & @TheyCallMeDubb RD.3

A Moment with Lo | @ChrisKing23 & @TheyCallMeDubb RD.2

A Moment with Lo | @ChrisKing23 & @TheyCallMeDubb RD.1

May 21, 2010

mercury and the moon is coming together nicely.

May 16, 2010

Currently Bumpin'

I'm a fan of R.Kelly's old-school music because i grew up listening to it. He is a music legend.

May 13, 2010

A Moment with LO | ZeyKoLo at venice beach tho

New moment go check it OUT !

- ps I had to take the old one down because i uploaded the wrong one lol blahhhhh but anywho leave your comments again!!! Who loves you ? Milo Loves you ! Yeahhhh ! x)

May 6, 2010

@ChrisKing23 - "Creativity is Key" (Freestyle) Video

May 2, 2010

Bad 51 Y.O.?