October 30, 2008

16 Bars.

Instrumental:Ignorant Sh!t-JayZ & Beanie Sigel.

My Mind Hooked On You Like A Trout & Fisherman/
Love Sweet To A King Leave Her Ex So Bitterman/
She About 19 They Call Her My BabySitter &/
She Rock Me To Sleep In My Crib & Now Come Get Her Man!/
Confusion Brings Questions In A Collected Manner/
Open Your Brains Let The Doctor Dissect You Backwards/
I'd Considered Going Slow But The Money Moves Faster/
Hit The Clapper/
Lights Out/
Just The Ways Of A Rapper/
Whose Backin Off/
I Am Way To Nice/
I Kick Better Then David Beckham, You Lookin Like Posh Spice/
Pardon My Language & Words Are Painless/
Or Harmless, Either ,Or Please Just Remove Those Garments/
She Leaves Me Puzzled/
& The Pieces Aren't Mine/
David Blaine Type Of MindFrame/
Its Magic EveryTime/
Lets Rewind Time/
Cuz Currently She Just In Front Me We Both Waitin IN The Same Movie Line


missmars said...

another Lyrical peice by chris king damn boy u can flow

KeKe Pooh said...

That was hott...I aint even gone lie..

JENNiE said...

Str8 fire point blank...get em mr king =)