October 29, 2008


so today i was on Melrose with my mom at 1 of my FAV vintage stores Wasteland, and when i left on my way home we drove past a pet supplies store where infront they had one of those ''rescue a puppy'' set ups i screamed at my mom to turn around and AS SOON as i walked over i fell in love with a 4 month old chiuaha named TILLY. shes so adorable rich brown fur and big adorable ears. shes so shy and cute. so anyway i was talking to one of the people with the ''i rescued my bestfriend'' shirts (so catchy by the way) and the KILL SHELTER was going to KILL her for the simple fact that she USED to have a SCRATCH above her right eye (which is now healed). She was explaining to me how they kill puppies and or dogs now a days there for the SMALLEST reasons (like a scratch in tilly's case). well anyway long story short I RESCUED HER 8-) go me!!!!! i currently have ZERO pictures because I dont officially get her until tomorrow =[ but soon u will see her adorable face!

signed, Amanda.


Saban sucks said...

Stop ruining a good blog with your non-sense crap that nobody wants to hear

Vee said...

AWWWW YAY i love dogs. Woot Amanda. Can't wait to see pics!!!
That's cruel like for only a scratch.

Peace xoxo

Ciao Bella said...

saban sucks...stop talking...that is so sweet amanda. ive always wanted to help animals anyway i can thats why im a proud member of PETA and part of my school's animal rights club. Unfortunately i dont own any animals except turtles because my mom is allergic to fur =/

KeKe Pooh said...

U should seriously post those pics because im thinking about getting another dog but i dont know what i want yet...It's cool that you saved her(by the way i woulda fell for her the same way you did).. Let's me know that there r actually people who care about more than themself!!

Forever More, Kierra