October 23, 2008

Silence is Violence

I'm sure alot of you have heard we are in Kansas City... So I wanted to come on here and explain what we are doing in this beautiful place. We are on a quick school tour down here for the organization "Silence Is Violence" formed by Lil J and Lance A.

"Silence is violence school tour was founded in Kansas city Kansas in 2006 by pastor Erik williams,Lance. A and Jonathan Mcdaniel aka Devo
n carter from (That's s
o Raven). The formation of the Silence is Violence school tour is to send a positive message to young teens in the community. There are large amounts of teens loosing their lives from making poor decisions. Our goal is to send a message to let teens know that there are better cho
ices they can make to keep themselves out of trouble in their communities. They need to know that there are positive
alternatives such as community service, after school activities, and various recreational programs they can get involved in. We feel teens will be inspired by our
message if they realize there are peers their age making the right decisions. Our goal is to inspire today’s youth to utilize their talent and strive to achieve their goals. We want to encourage them to follow their dreams. These are the steps we have taken to reach our destination. This will be a great opportunity for us to promote STOP THE VIOLENCE in the metro area. We take pride in our mission, and hope that at least one life will be touched by our presentation."

We are having alot of fun here. J, Ace and Lance and everyone here are really cool and hopefully we'll be able to get this thing in several different states to spread its positive message. This is definitely something "The Circle" is behind and representing so please check it out!

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Keemara said...

They had something like this over here in Cali too. At the Castle PArk in Riverside.
It was called the "Stop the Violence Concert" tho almost the same lol
but it was pretty kewl, me and my niece went to it..and alotta people were there...Lil fizz, J Boog, Brandon Kane, LAX Boyz...and i forgot who the host was, the guy that put everything together but he was a radio personality host...nd acouple other people were there too.

The whole thing was pretty fun i had a good time. im glad its still spreading and you guys get to be a part of it now.
HAve fun over there =)