November 21, 2008

Brandy "Human"

I am posting this because I have a lot of friends that actually wrote and produced on this album "Human" by Brandy. Also, I actually got the chance to go to one of her studio session's for this album while she was recording and listen to alot of the songs she had completed for it w/ Atozzio like "First & Love" and "Fall" feat. Natasha Bedingfield. While I was in ATL too earlier this year, Carnell and I had met someone whose a good friend of ours now.... His name is TC, and when we met TC he played us a song he had just finished that quite frankly was probably the best song we had ever heard... called "A Capella (Something's Missing)" produced by Soundz (the dude who produced our songs "He Say, She Say" and "Knock Out") and written by TC and when we heard the original version it was with TC's voice... Well, now that song is #13 on Brandy's album and from this preview ... I'd have to say she sounds amazing... but Brandy always sounds good... but if you wanna hear a preview of her album... Click Here!


Vee said...

Cool I love Brandy

PEace xoxo

Anonymous said...

I love the album and TC is a lyrical and arrangement BEAST!! Track 13 Somethings Missing is amazing!!Much love from a naptown native