November 26, 2008

What Happen To Ol'Boy Behind Hov?

Looks Like He Lost A Bet & Recieved A Black Eye
better yet...
whats wrong with all 3 of these weirdos behind them?


MiszxAshleyy said...

that was my laugh of the day ;
theboy in the qreeen like he qot in hit in the face w. a basketball lol

but what happened to hov .
quess this is the inner him lol .
or B qot him in check lol

Vee said...

OMG hahahahahaha
sooo funny how u noticed tht hahaha

JENNiE said...

Yea 3 stooges in the back..lmao!.. I saw these pics on another blog and I noticed the same thing like damn lol =P bey n jay are lookin nice tho =)

SureliSxBaby said...

Bull in the green like "yeaa life sucks after losing a bet" dude in da middle look like he jealous of jay lmao and da otha dude looks like a drug is taking effect on him lmao

bliggyblogger said...

Man the one on the left has jus been havin a bad day, or maybe a bad life, who knows, he couldda been born like that. Poor baby! The guy in the middle, he looks pretty normal, cept that he could b from the Mafia, but we get past those things, dont judge. And the guy on the right, ever heard of Ambien CR? Didnt think so. Either his wife is keepin him up @ night or whatever thetre watching is reealy that boring lol