December 10, 2008


I literally meant "you're nobody" when I made that post... I need you to look up the saying "You're nobody until your talked about"... its a real saying... they use it on that tv show "Gossip Girl" too... so don't take it too personal...


DJ inDia said...

If it makes Amanda feel better I have a picture of me on the toilet that's a lot worse and my friend put it as her myspace and facebook default picture =D
P.S. Marcel, I don't know if this is you or not:
This is very important because whoever this is, I have gotten really close with over the past few months and it would be a shame if they were a fake profile posing as you. I need to know if I'm talking to the real Marcel or not =(
And if it is you Marcel, you still needa call me =) lmao

P.S. Who can I hit up to try to get Silence is Violence to come to my pancreatic cancer fund raiser in NYC? I need to raise money for my medical bills cause i am a victim of it =(
Much Love,
DJ inDia

sorry to post this twice but i want u to seeeeee ittt =D

MissBowezzy-x said...

This is Quite Funny All These Haters Hating Over What Exactly?
Now Thats What Yuu Call Jelousy Yuu Know it Can Kill Slowly!
Keep Your Head Up High Marcel Cuz Yuu Know Your Better Then Them =]

xoBreezi said...

Real talk Marcel you didn't even need to address it because I wouldnt be suprised if it was the same person everytime commented. Anyone else with any good sense would clearly comprehend what was meant. You and "The Circle" continue doing positive things and stay blessed. Don't let these internet crazies e-gangsters get to yall=)

KeyKeyMarie said...

Yea.. i knew what you meant..

People talk about me and it makes me feel better cuz they take time out of their loser lives to say my name... It shows that people besides my family and friends , love me and think about me..

Like Hollywood says " Any publictiy is good publicity".. lmao.. Not that i personally believe that but hey... it works!

Not in this lifetime said...

OMFG. I had no clue that all this was going on. Why though. I knew what you meant. I always watch gossip girl so I knew exactly what you were talking about . LOL. Well I guess that this is settled!