December 31, 2008

Wherever Tha' Wind Blows....The Mixtape.

Classic Sh!t.

Official Tracklisting

3.Dear Miss...
4.Flavor In Ya Ear 08'
5.Kick It With The Homies
6.Viva La Los Angeles
9.Teenage Boss (Feat. Young Myles)
10.Starter Cap|Snap Back
11.We Run This (Feat. Young Myles & Crumbz)
12.1 Take
13.iPop Tags
14.Player's Worst Nightmare
15.King Of My Turf (Feat. Lil' J, iM|L0, Young Myles)

& Secret Bonus Track That I Call A Classic.....

Download & See!

Wherever Tha' Wind Blows...


Brianna said...

Damn i cant wait to download it thas gonna be i hot mixtape

Anonymous said...
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MiszxAshleyy said...

exciteeddd ;
lets get it !


Rhy_UrNatural said...

CAnt Wait!!

Vee said...

woooyes download link available. thanx for the belated birthday prezzie christmas. 09 is the Circles!!!

Peace xoxo

Brianna said...
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Vee said...

Gold rope chain wooot!!!!! i love tht one.

Peace xoxo

MissKeKe said...

The shyt is Hottt!!! Im lovin it like McDonalds(LMAO)...I like Dear Miss and Take...lmao.."swagg is so above sea level"...I played it all night(its still on).. 09 is for the takeover!!!

MissBowezzy-x said...

Chris The Mixtapesz' Awesome!!
Well Donee Dude (Y)(L)
Love Yuu-x

Anonymous said...

downloading NOW.

Keke [ bbofansite ] said...

im trying to download it now and when i try it says that its not readable.

Brianna said...

damn i love the mixtape !
dear miss and gold rope chain are my favs tho
chris u out did ya self
2009 is the circle's

Anonymous said...

it says that its invalid or corrupt :( it wont let me open it :(