December 6, 2008

Songs I've written & internet gangster's


I wrote a song called "Dear Me" awhile back while we were in the studio recording for our debut album... I actually wrote it on the very first day we started our Live Video channel. Anyway so I had needed someone to record it for me since the song was written for a girl to sing and during one of the FEW times I was in ATL... Liz, a good friend of mine, from Myxx said she would do it... so we went to Usher's studio at his house and recorded the song with my friend who produced the track... Soundz (who is signed to Usher) and she did a great job and now Myxx is likely using the song for their debut album... so check out the snippet of "Dear Me" below from a youtube fan video...

I also 1/3 co-wrote a song called "Mirage" with Tiffany Fred from the Underdog's writing squad and also Atozzio who is singing the record and also was the writer for "Holla At Ya Boy" and "He Say, She Say" so check that out below!


don't just be "internet gangster's" like some of the hater's we face...

You sound somewhat ignorant considering I see my best friend like 2 or 3 times a year maybe a couple days at a time... but haters don't effect my life anyway haha so moving on...

yes, my BB sister does not need to have pictures like that out and The Circle and her already have to deal with it and we understand... but whats done is done... Amanda didn't put the pictures out herself... and when she took them she didn't know that they would get on the net and that Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange or whatever "internet gangster's" would hop on it...

but so I've already told Amanda she cannot do stuff like this... but she's still my fam... I love her and so let's move on...


Red Gangsta said...

After this I won't fuck with you anymore....... This never had to happen. You brought this on yourself.
But anyway obviously what i'm saying is TRUE because you feel the need to DEFEND yourself everytime I say something. You call me a internet gangster cause that's my screen name,Oh by the way my name is Jayden.

But seriously are you mad? I really didn't think that you would really go back and forth with me. Seeing how your Bitch had nothing say at all. She must really feel sick cause somebody called her stupid ass out. But really it's okay to be gay, don't know how far it will get you in the music industry, but really it's okay.
If you would have minded your own buisness I wouldn't have had the chance to expose you. But really when I think about it your not being exposed. All them muthafuckas you run with know you are a faggot but choose to act like they don't know. Like I said after this I'm done fucking with you. I'll never come on here again. I'll just leave you with your ass kissing fans.
I wonder how long will it take them to figure out that you are NOT famous and will NEVER WILL BE.
TUG Ent.... Where Careers Die
I done with you, you are boring now

Before I go Marcel you have some white stuff on the side of you mouth. I think you should wipe it off. You don't want people to start thinking stuff do you?

Don't worry your "Secret" Is safe with me.

Rebekah said...

WOW to be honest....all that was uncalled for. But straight up its not really a good idea to tell a musical artist whats accepted and whats not in the music industry. And another thing its not a good idea to assume things or just make up random stuff- just wanted to put that out there!....ok well whoever reads this HAVE A GOOD DAY, or EVENING (cause its 8:15pm. so yeah!) LOL!

Anonymous said...

hey marcel
you been haveing a problem with this red gangsta aka jayden person huh,

well lets just say I, or someone else knows some foul sh!t about her

If u wanna know what WE know about her that BITCH has no room to talk about ANY ecspecially YOU!

Santana Is Not Like YOU! said...

Hey Marcel that last commet was from me, I was just to lazy to sign
but yeah that bitch Jayden has no room to talk about anyone.
And that number is her cell phone number.
I suggest you do it cause that bitch won't shut up until you put her in her place. tell that hoe to stay in her lane.
I say you call that bitch and curse her dyke ass out. But anyway if she talks more shit to you. I'll tell you everything I know about her so you can air her nasty ass out on your blog
The bitch will shut I promise you
But have a good day though