December 27, 2008

A Teenage Revelation..



Katie-the-Voice said...
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Katie-the-Voice said...

I have to TOTALLY DISAGEE with you on this one! Money is materialistic! Love is forever! I'd take love over money any day! Then again, I'm a girl so it would only make since that I'd say that, but you get my point! LOL!


flyest_thang said...

Naah..C Girls are everything!
But Money is nothin

jo a n ne said...

replace "Girls" with "Boys".

Anonymous said...

the boyz of the world aint nuthin but trouble..the money of the world just makes it double

It's H. Wood said...

Good Riddance!
I agree!

Anonymous said...

boys are nothing but

money is not ur friend
is ur worst enemy
cuz of it
you don't know who's really
there 4 you

& if ur only messing around with hoes
now i get why you say that
when you find a real girl
see if you say that again


MeraGurl said...

PLZ ! Boyz R Trouble, && Girls Are Everything !

Anonymous said...

i disagree money comes and goes girls will be here forever
anyways u only said becuz u havent
found the right girl for u plus without a girls we cant make boys

Rhy_UrNatural said...

U got it twisted Honey..
u just aint found the right girl yet, ya know. N ya dont know, she might b right underneath ya nose n ya jus aint kno it yet.
But i hope U do find that right ONE. :]]

Rhy_UrNatural said...

Keep Lookin Hun.
I know She's out there :DD

Vee said...

OMG u just have to post ur this so-called revelation on my birthday dang!

i knew all the girls would disagree.
ur the one always saying girls holla omg.
one day ur gonna run out of money and then u'll need a girl to be by your side. lol

plus there are all sorts of girls out there u cnt have possibly seen everytype to say all girls are trouble. y dnt u just travel the world a bit and in like 10 yrs time tell us if u still think tht. i'm just speaking my mind here.

Peace xoxo

[ I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T ] said...

how about this. girls and boys are BOTH trouble. cuz sumtimes we both do dumb shyt and get caught up and wahtever else. anddd EVERYONE LOVESSSS MONEYYY! there, problem solved.

MissBowezzy-x said...

LMAO. This Caused Such A Scene Chris Hd To Post Another Blog !!
Well All i Gotta Say is Chris if Yuu Think That Then its Your Opinion init. Even Tho i Am A Girl i Can't Say Your Wrong Or Right. But Like in My Opinion i Agree With [ I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T ].