December 7, 2008

Usher @ Victoria's Secret Fashion Show...

Those of you that know me... know I had to post this video of Usher performing at this years Victoria's Secret Fashion Show... Not even because of Usher... although he's an amazing singer and performer, I just cannot get with that song "What's Your Name" and its because B5 actually originally sang "What's Your Name" and I was there when Carnell and them went in the studio with Will.I.Am and recorded it... and it ended up getting done over by Usher... So in a way I can't really get with the song... but I posted this cuz I think Adriana Lima is sexy... and look how she open's the performance!

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Tiffani said...

Yeah im not into Usher like I used 2 be. His music isn't good 2 me anymore. Like the "My Way" album was thee ish. Now, eh he needs 2 give it a rest. Lol but datz shady dat B5 aint get da single. Smh. B5 & 2Much gon' shine in '09 & if everybody else leaves n doesn't believe, I will ALWAYS support n believe in ya'll. No matter what.