January 16, 2009

10 Ways To Show Your An Official Loser|Hater.

1. When You Still Say Steez Like The Word Ain't Played Out Like GameCube.

2.When You Come On Somebody Elses Website To Write Essays About Them.

3.When You Know You Aint Got/Or Doing Anything Better Then Well....Anyone.

4.When You Degrade Yourself Callin' Yourself A "B!tch W/ Major Steez".

5.When People Ignore Your Words & Do Whatever They Were Doing Before Hand.

6.When You Think You Know A N!gga's Life, But Nobody Knows You Between A Homeless Man Or A Ugly Female lmaOO.

7.When You Take Time Out To Create Some Mess But Dont Let Nobody Get To Contact You.

8.When You Shout Out Random Los Angeles "Crews" That To Me Are High School Cliques.

9.When Your Probably A Regular Visitor To Welcometothecircle.com, but you dislike the Circle lmfaOO.

10.When Your Shouting Out Cliques But Your Probably A Solo Dummy lmaOOO.

This Isn't No Subliminal I'm Directing It To The Many People WHo Feel The Need to Hate But Never Congradulate, to those who support I Thank & Love Each & Every One Of Yall From The Botom Of My Heart...But If You Got Any Problems W/ My Fam....Send ME A Email At Hiphop1211@gmail.com......& we can be mature about yalls isssues or w.e but this is real childish & IM THE YOUNGEST ONE! lmaOOO Get A Life,Read A Book, & PUT GOD 1st im Out Peoplesss L8r



Anonymous said...

Chrisss You speaking SUCH true words.

Preach on big bro PREACH ON !

Don't let the haters bring yall down.

Theyre just mad becuase you quys are motivated , and on the move .

And they just sitting around waiting for something exciting too qo down so they can bash yall.

sadd isnt it?

Anonymous said...

8.When You Shout Out Random Los Angeles "Crews" That To Me Are High School Cliques.
what's "the circle"? ..... OH A RANDOM LOS ANGELES CREW

daym i used to like yall but the cocky-ness gets worse and worse.

DJ inDia said...

the circle goes hard
everybody wishes they were in it and i think thats why they was hatin so hardcore
ask them if they have a record deal contract, celebrity friends, money earned themselves, or been on a hip hop website for how respected they are
youre the ones that can say yes.

muchhhh love,
DJ inDia

enterrr my twilight z o n e . said...

oh! you forgot at the end when you put your little comments...

WATCH HISTORY BEING MADE ON JANUARY 20TH, 2009...instead of hating...a change has come over America and they MAY need to change with it...i mean...who hates anymore? its clearly not doing anything but building up that person...and when i hear somebody hating, i just look at them like their stupid (which they are) and then go back to what i'm doing because obviously what i'm doing is making highly upset and depressed. which makes my life worth living.

and they can also read the Bible daily...

and Roots is in Blockbuster...i just saw it there...lol.

MiszxAshleyy said...

agreeeeddd ;
haters get a lifeee !

M3h said...

Go Chris!!!!!!!!

Lmao i think this is funny tho.. i can relate

Joi said...

true words Chris i agree big time keep doin ya thang and if the haters wanna hate let them its juss making you work harder and harder do ya thang much lov -Joi

neisha2008 said...

i dont know why people r such haters.and then when you began to bash on them they think its 'cockiness" no its just them speaking truthfully and on a accurate tip.cuhz yall niggaz r off! and ive met them and they are like the most humblest people you could ever meet! i respect the circle i respect toomuch and i respect the hustle dont knock it cuhz u cant rock it! B!TCHEz r crazyy lmaoo

biancathekidd said...

what's a steez?

Laynah said...

Why do you feel the need to adress haters?

You`re always goin` to have haters either way so deal with it.

At the end of this blog, you`re talking about how this is childish, but you ain`t doin` sh!t to make it better.

Move on dude.