January 26, 2009

New Muzik

Yeah, So I'm Slowly Starting To Progress On This Muzik Tip....Slowly Evolving....Into Somebody All People Can Rock With...."Where's My Crown" is my official 2nd Tape & uhmmm The "Valentine's Day" Tape Is Prolly Gonna Have Like 10 Songs On It...But Uhmmm Yeah Back To Business...Here's A Snippet Of This Song Called "Sincerely, Yours"...& Its me Writing To This Girl As A Secret Admirer....CiRCLE.

Sincerely,Yours (Snippet)-Chris King

I Know I Wrote A Love Letter Once Before.......But I Think I Had Write 2 Of Em Though.....
UPDATE:To Listen To The Full Version Its On Myspace.com/yic23
Check Out to download

1 comment:

Vee said...

aw...cool. 2 mixtapes!!! i swear Chris you giving out these songs you record is like giving out presents hahaha YOU'RE VERY GENEROUS. lol best of luck.