January 30, 2009



Anonymous said...

lol .. i got that too
shit hurt like a bitchh !

biancathekidd said...

ouch, you got your cartilidge pierced.
i know people who got their's done in the school bathroom,smh.

Ciao Bella said...

braver than me lol

iLUVpink said...

i didn't even flinch
i got that one in my left and a lil below that in the gristle area.. now thats the one that had me screamin.. lol
thats the one that hurt like a bxtch!!

Anonymous said...

i have that too, it burned so bad, like my ears were on fire!

Amanda said...

lol so i just found out it takes FOUR MONTHS for them to actually heal. it doesnt hurt now though after two weeks as bad as everyone assured me it would. like i had/have no problems sleeping or anything. but i must say sometimes out of no where it stings lmao.