January 1, 2009

W.T.W.B. Jan 1st '09 / UBellas.com

Today, while you take the time to download Chris King "Wherever Tha' Wind Blows"

3.Dear Miss... (Cel's Favorite)
4.Flavor In Ya Ear 08' (WAIT! I always liked this 1)
5.Kick It With The Homies (NO! THIS ONE!)
6.Viva La Los Angeles (Ok, forreal this 1 too)
9.Teenage Boss (Feat. Young Myles)
10.Starter Cap|Snap Back (By far Marcel's Favorite!)
11.We Run This (Feat. Young Myles & Crumbz)
12.1 Take
13.iPop Tags
14.Player's Worst Nightmare
15.King Of My Turf (Feat. Lil' J, iM|L0, Young Myles)

Wherever The Wind Blows

and... your waiting for it to finish downloading...


Sissy & Sharie took the time to put together this dopeee site for the ladies of The Circle...
Bella Browne! Show show your support!


Anonymous said...

I just wanna come by and congradualate chris on his HARD WORK. I remember on Live Video and you would talk about it, and now ITS ACTUALLY FINISH. Like this is by faar bomb. Like chris, your mad talented, and you deserve too qet more credit then what you're getting now.

this is just the begining of an amazinq 09 for chris, and the rest of 2 Much and the Circle.

have a good new years you guyss.

Anonymous said...

congrates bellas.... lucky u have mad fans that would make a full web site for you thats really kool keep it up

Sharie said...

Oh, Thanks for posting Mars! We really appreciate it and we support the girls 100% :D