February 2, 2009


Hello Fansites! LmaOO.
What Doesn't Kill You.....
Makes You Stronger.


baibegurlle said...

True. True lol

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with this, but i would still like to bring the topic to your attention. This is to all the upcoming artist in the circle.

I was looking at some of your myspace pages and I think its pretty sad how NONE of you get back to you fans. Wait let me correct myself, Unless your getting cussed out by a fustrated fan you dont reply. The online sign will be flashing for hours but still no reply, Not one. Seriously, you all need to check yourself. BEHIND EVERY SUCCESSFUL ARTIST, THERE ARE LOYAL FANS TO HELP THEM REACH THERE STARDOM! It literally takes a couple seconds to type a sentence or two and click submit. Dont tell me your too busy to do so, becasue it takes five minutes to reply to 10 people. In the long wrong its your fans who decide your fate in the industry. I dont care how good of a rapper/singer you are, you will get no where if you think your too good to for them. I really hope yall take notice to this. Or maybe you wont even read this. or if you do you might not do anything different.

But i really dont care. Its no my dream to become a successful artist. I believe that would be yours. some effort would be nice.

Ita the reuth. tell me if im lying?

(took me 2.30 minutes to write this. I wonder how long it would take you to write a couple words to people who love yall)

New Kei City said...
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New Kei City said...

A LOYAL FAN SUPPORTS AN ARTIST BECAUSE HE or SHE LIKE/LOVE THEIR MUSIC. they love their fans I'm sure. comment or not. not every artist out there leave their fans comments but u best believe they love em all.

finding the "wrongs" and all of the circle is getting way old..its a new year... support or you don't

thanks for visiting!