February 12, 2009

Tragedy has struck.

Everybody's favorite fast food character... and our dear friend, Jack from Jack in The Box has been hit by a bus.

He has been rushed to the emergency room so stay up to date with his status and
send him your get well wishes at 

Poor Jack.

On a different note, leave us, The Circle message's on our new SayNow widget.


Amberrr said...

Yay you guys took my advice

biancathekidd said...

oooh how sad.
even though we dont have a jack in the box in maryland so i never been there,smh.

mizzspeakmymind said...

yea "Amberrr" they totally did!!! they OWE u a shout out!!! lolz

mizzspeakmymind said...

oh and is this a real story or is this a joke?? lolz because i was taking it seriously till i scrolled down and saw what that thing looked like lolz . . sorri if this is tru