March 10, 2009


Money Is The Motivation


MissVenna said...

lolz. even the cutest ive seen!.

hey money makes the world go round... so they say.

kiyana said...

lmfao chris you look hurt .

Cherry said...

yes it ddoes but u look like u moght of just got sucka punched in dis pic... lmao

iRina said...

lol chrissy,wth? it look like you dr00ln or sumting! llz,break dwn on duhh money,lol

MiszxAshleyy said...

&nd he diedddd with his money


Vee said...

hahahahaa. your money hunger is sooo funny. u look u're knocked out. lol Teddy Pendergrass - Love TKO

haha ur love tko is money =]
one day u'll be soo successful i just know it =]