March 1, 2009

Stating The Facts

2 Things You Should Know About 2Much If You Didn't Know Already.
1.We Put Out 1 Video Called "Fire" & We Put A iTunes Single Called "Candy Girl"...Thats It We Have Not Put Out Our Debut Album Yet.
2.We Been Doing Everything Thus Far BY OURSELVES & OUR TIME IS COMING SOON.....
It seems people have gotten us slightly twisted.
We are technically classified as somewhat as a NEW ARTIST is my point.
so when you here any "Circle" Stamped music and/or product....realize this is all NEW. & take it as such. The reason i say this is because watching what you been seeing on this site so far...has been watching the growth of young individuals evolving there artistry...we do not take this music thing lightly its all we love to do. SO JUST TAKE US AS NEW ARTIST WHEN WE COME BACK.....
thank you.....

Madvillany Freestyle-Chris King


MissVenna said...

thats real! continue to do what you guys do and i admire your strength and how you all strive to grasp hold of your dreams.. and doing on your own.! wow. you all are amazing. i respect what yall do and can not wait to hear more. you all have talent and its great to see genuine people making use of their talents. oh yeah and chris i think you are so0o0o0o0o0o0 cute and you have the knowledge of someone twice your age. stay real sweetz! =]

Vee said...

it's good you're setting it straight for all the doubters.
i love the circle blog and watching every member do what they do and when 2Much come back it's gnna be sooo fab. =]


Anouk said...

Thats great to hear.. i hope yall get world famous cuz i'm not from the U.S.A. and i'm really a big fan of yall. ;]
i love ur music keep on going yall are great. :] ya all so cute.<3
xxx <3