March 9, 2009

Uhhhh Your a J E R K!

If You Haven't Heard Of My Nigga Julian Goins You Ain't Heard Of Jerking lOl. Him & His Squad Power RangersDream Team Been Making These Can You Jerk? Videos & there Gettting Alotta Notice You Feel Me & Me & Julian & My Nigga Jorden Are All Pretty Good Friends So I Thought I'd Post About Them...His YOUTUBE ACCOUNT is so hit that up asap & uuhhhh iMMA JERK!

(Yo Julian Or Jorden Get AT Me For The Cameo In This Sh!t Str8 Up!)



Joi_tHe_BoMsHeLl said...

yea those vids are dope....can you jerk lol thats fly ish right there yall.

Anonymous said...

GO GO POWER RANGERS are the shit !!!they da best i seen so far
&&dats cool i didnt kno yall was friends wit julian:)

MiszxAshleyy said...

ilovee these ! =]