March 17, 2009

Who sang it better?

Sooo I came accross this record by The Dream and then I realized it was produced by the same people who produced 3 of 2 Much's records... "She Ain't You", "Irresistable", and "Explosive"... shoutout to The Co-Stars, Neely and Vince... and then It struck me that the track to "Cringing" by The Dream IS the same track as our song "She Ain't You"...

So go ahead and say which 1 you like better!

2 Much - She Ain't You (Clip)

The Dream - Cringing

Who did the track more justice?
2 Much - She Ain't You
The Dream - Cringing free polls


Anonymous said...

i definetely like "she aint you" better

Keemara said...

i listened to dreams first and i was like damn this is tight....then i listened to 2much
marcel ur face is amazingggg....makes dreams voice sound like pooooooo..
def like urs better !=)

Keemara said...

oh shooot wooowwww did i just say face....damn lmao thats embarassing >< lol
..i meant VOICE....but ur face is amazing too xD

Sebastian said...

Has nothing to do with this post, but could you, (Mars)cel post the lyrics to the R&Beast Mixtape? Would be much appreciated:D

Anonymous said...

2much version is WAAAAY better! seeing as how yall actually have talent. the dream sucks! he cant even sing. he need 2 stick 2 writing or w/e the hell he use 2 do