April 7, 2009

Who sang it better?

I'm sure yall heard of Atozzio by now... If you haven't, he is the one who wrote like 4 of our records like "Holla at Ya Boy" and "He Say, She Say" also he's feature on the #3 song on my mixtape R&Beast.

Atozzio is a great writer... and this song was actually sent to me before to sing but we had did a bunch of other songs already and didn't get around to this one. It just so happened that Slim of 112 DID do this record haha. So I put both versions up here and yall tell me who sang it better!

Atozzio - I Apologize

Slim -  I Apologize

Who sang "I Apologize" better?
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Since you've introduced atozzio to everybody on here, I've loved him lol
so I'm gonna have to say atozzio :) oohhh (u make me say) is another great song by him.. conclusion
i love atozzio :)