June 4, 2009

How can we be doper?!

What are something's we can do to make "The Circle" doper?!

Leave it in the comments of this post!

and for stories and specific thing's you'd like to see on The Circle

send to 2Muchcircle@gmail.com


HazelGoddess said...

You can do videos like Milo does on Youtube... like a day in the life of 2Much!

Anonymous said...

yhu shuld make like a fan of the weeksection like tell us diffrent things to do and who does it the best gets to be on here

Anonymous said...

definately more videos ! :)

you guys should make shirts or something, rep The Circle waaaaaaaaay harder.

MsPinkyBaybeeh said...

i think you all should make more vids, and i agree with trunidav with the fan of the week thing. and go live more if you can =)

Anonymous said...

My is Bobbie and I'm a huge fan of you guys and other local groups such as B5 lol. I was thinking, there are a lot of artist out there who are on their grind twenty four seven. And have welcomed people or fans into that world. Maybe you guys should actually make some videos of you guys as a group in the studio or studio's doin what you do and working hard. You guys really dont have alot of videos that make a piont on showing how serious you are at trying to leave your mark in the game. Long story short, just promote yourselfs better and make videos of all of you working hard as a group.