July 7, 2009

He Can Finally Be At Rest

The Memorial Service was so great and emotional..like most..I cried as well. It just makes you appreciate music and people who help created it even more.

You Are flying with the angels now. R.I.P.

"They say the skys the limit, and to me that is really true" ~Michael Jackson


CanaryBird said...
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CanaryBird said...

The memorial service was beautiful. I just wish I could've been there. I really should have taped it. The performances and the speakers were on point. It was like the poem Queen Latifah read for Maya Angelou, "We had him", but damn it we didn't appreciate him. Like Marlon said maybe now that he's gone people will shut their mouths.

Jermaine, Usher, and Brooke Shields had me tearing, but Paris had me CRYING. No child should go through what her and her brothers are going through. I feel for them. I know Michael protected them, but I know that when they get older and they realize the hell their father went through that they'll be angry. I hope they don't stay angry though. I think it was appropriate for Al Sharpton to say what he said to Michael's kids. "There was nothing strange about your daddy. It was strange what your daddy had to deal with." It's true no one will ever know what it's like to be that famous.

As much hell as he must've went through, he brought so much joy and happiness to this effed up world that we live in. His music, charity, and philanthropy affected so many people. No one can ever question that man or his intentions...ever. There will never be another Michael. No one who was blessed to know him, his music, or his generosity will ever forget him. He was truly an angel on earth. At least now he can rest in peace.