July 31, 2009

Who Sang It Better?

"I been in this game for years... it made me an animal..." haha nah but as you all know all of us, The Circle and 2 Much have been in this game for years and its interesting to see how the records circulate and who actually ends up with them and puts em' out. We've done songs that RL from Next had done, our song "They Don't Know" was also done by B5 as well. The Dream used our track from "She Ain't You" for his song "Cringing." Its a trip... but this song right here I came across like a year and a half ago originally for Bella Browne
to do and it was Chasity singing it. I saw today that Karina Pasian has done the song
as well as Junior (from Yung Berg's "Sexy Ladies") used the track as well for a different song and its written by the homie RL from Next (who did a few of our records)! Oak you're dope!
Who Sang it Best?

In Sync - Karina Pasian

In Sync - Chasity

Go - Junior

Who Sang It Better?
Karina Pasian
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Karina sang it well, but i think Chasity wuz better.