September 30, 2009

"Over The Edge" & "He Say, She Say"

I never know how our records get out, but I'm never one to care! I love it haha. Especially because we are in the process of recording a whole new EP and Album and we have so much more to come!
Our good friend over at just posted a couple of our BANGERS that were supposed to be on our first album under TUG / Music World Ent. / Interscope Records... "We 2 Much" so check out "He Say, She Say" and "Over The Edge" by us, 2 Much, right now over there!

or Download Here:

He Say, She Say - 2 Much

Over The Edge - 2 Much

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i'm SOOOO glad yall finally made it able for me 2 download "he say she say" [its da shit!] i been tryna find out how 2 do it. marcel, can you do the same for
Sooner that Later (remix) "Manish" "I Like Her" and "I Choose You" PLLLLZZZ!!!!!