October 29, 2009

Who Sang It Better?

So, as most of yall know, I'm very much a person to give credit where its do... and a minute ago I came across a YouTube video of a DOPE vocalist singing one of my favorite songs, "Pretty Wings" by Maxwell by the name of Brandon Hines... so I downloaded dude's mixtape and heard this song on there called "Echoes." I remember Jhene asked me to help her with some coding on her myspace page for a song she had called "July"... and when I hear B. Hines record I realized they had the same track... Who Sang it Better?


Who Sang It Better?
Jhene - July (Summertime)
Brandon Hines - Echoes
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

they're both good but i like Brandon's lyrics better. i think his song is a lil more interesting.