December 7, 2009

who the @$%&?!

This lady just broke the record for largest female debut sales ever... beat out all the greats... Beyonce, Britney etc... my only question is...

Who the hell is she?!


RE-sis P said...

How do u not kno who Susan Bowal is???? WOW!!!!

CanaryBird said...

Susan Boyle was a contestant on Britain's Got Talent. She made the news in New York City when one of her performances on the show got millions of youtube views literally overnight. She was all over the news and the newspapers here in New York for months. Tabloids, papers, and the news starting following her every move since then. She was on Oprah, Good Morning America and a whole bunch of other shows.

A lot of papers were saying the overnight fame was getting to her head when she got a makeover and starting doing all of these international morning and talk shows. A couple of months of ago, the media accused her of having a mental breakdown when she didn't win Britain's Got Talent. All the media attention around her was ridiculous. I'm surprised you haven't heard of her because she was all over the place in New York. You couldn't get away from this lady.