January 14, 2010

@Marceldion "Mercury & The Moon"

Most of yall know, JUST like Usher... my car was burglarized less than a month ago and I lost my laptop with the whole Mercury & The Moon mixtape on it (my follow up mixtape) and most of my possessions that are worth anything... but i honestly believe things happen for a reason and its all a part of god's plan... I've been blessed with some great friends like the talented and beautiful Keke Palmer and the support of 2M3 and my parents to have been able to get things back even better! I plan on racing to release my second mixtape in Feb. possibly while 2M3 is in the UK again (i'll tell more about that later) and so... expect it then! Around the same time last year that I released my first mixtape R&Beast... I pretty much lost all my records I had for it... so I'm starting from scratch... and I think I'm gonna start by finishing this one...

So for now... take a look back and listen to my first mixtape, 'R&Beast' which started out as fun on GarageBand, and expect my 2nd mixtape release in Feb. and see the transformation.

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Anonymous said...

I never met you but, i have to give you praise for putting your life back in order and in a productive way. u r truely blessed cant wait to hear ur next mixtape. ur an inspiration.