February 20, 2010

ThrowBack Video : Black History Month

*SideNote* I love history and science, since i could read...i loved it since. as Myles say its a beautiful thing. It is and to able learn about our world's past. Even more as being an young African American to study about where we came from and how many people of different colors lost their lives or the ones who didn't fighting for the many freedoms we have today. Truly, One month isn't enough for people in general to learn about black history but must know that it is an important apart of American history. I really suggest going to your grandparents,great grandparents,uncles,aunts ,etc. and learn more about your family history. see how far your family tree reaches and i guarantee you will find out some amazing things and its all YOUR FAMILY. ReadUP.

"You Don't Know Where I'm Headed Til You Seen Where I Been"

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