May 28, 2010

Why "Snowflakes In July" ?

in the midst of all of this battle nonsense i'm still trying to find the pocket of my deepest thoughts & feelings & emotion & vision into this mixtape "Big Dreams & Pocket Change" it comes out in July and honestly i just wanna give you all the best of me. . .i have a very wild imagination. . .and i just wanna bring you on my creative journey throughout life. . .the good . . .the bad. . .and the surreal. my life is a story to tell. . . nothing you've heard will be on this mixtape as starting after this song i'm dropping i will be grinding my heart out to give you a classic. . .no half assing this time around. . .this song represents the cold feeling i'm trying to give in one of the hottest moths of the summer. . .this summer. . .prepare of the evolution. . .of a K.I.N.G.

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