June 6, 2010

Chronicles Of A King Day 1

waddup everybody! . . i been working on me. . .you know getting everything in order so. . .forgive me if it seems i been kinda just all over the place trying to find my "position or spot" on this surface called earth. I've been going through a whirlwind of things i always seem to have an issue expressing my views on things and i always catch myself trying to find an "outlet" to you to all my frustrations that i'm sure everybody has. so i thought . . .i should make a Tumblr . . .then i thought WTF i have a blog! #Circle2010 fooooooooooooL. . .any way so i'm back either way but forreal this time. so anyways lets's get to the story of today.

Chronicles Of A King
4:42 PM
June 6th

Location : Young Myles "1811 Studios" / His House

So i woke up this morning recovering from last nights excursions. Alot of laughs, Alot of cries, and as usual a tidal wave of drama that usually ruins the night. Either way i suppose i usually appreciate these wild moments. . .but the night before had to have took its toll on me judging by the fact i'm still waking up in my Levi 501s with no socks & no shirt inside of Myles's living room on the couch. Next to a half drunken sprite bottle & some dirty infared air max 90s. Speaking of which i need to go cop so more sneakers, which is a thought i haven't had in ages believe it or not. Either way i wake up to a phone backed up full of missed calls & text messages. I made a few phone calls to get my mind straight but nothing could honestly fix this feeling of just. . .disorganized hurt & confusion. Whatever. . .Myles' brother's say whuddup to me as usual so does his Mom & Mustafa (His Stepdad). Staying at Myles' house always brings peace in my mind for the simple fact his parents are really that cool. I talked to them for about 15 minutes about last night and they gave me great advice like always about life and all of its crazy twist & turns. I left Myles' crib to go to my house which is nearby and shower and change clothes. Left from there hit up my faithful fam arrOw from Mon$ter $quad to hook me up with some "medicine" cause he always "Knows a Guy" lmaooooo & he also always keeps a swisher in hand for a young bull incase i need it You Feel Me?! lOl so i go to his house pull up and here him bangin' some Wiz Khalifa loud in the backyard i walk back there and he sparking up as soon as i walk in lmaooooo. we talk & chief a little "summin summmin" & i dip out with grams in hand :-D. i come back to this n!gga "Meeeeeezy's" (Young Myles) house and had a plate of Mexican Food from Taco Factory & it was fire. Chicken Enchilada's with the beans & rice! Now i'm bloggging to y'all as the day progresses i'll keep you posted. Later.

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jayln said...

Where did the "disorganized hurt and confusion" come from? (if I may ask)