June 8, 2010

Chronicles Of A King Day 2

Chronicles Of A King
June 8th

Location: Young Myles' 1811 Studios / His House

So today i woke up from one really "eye-opening" night. Multiple phone calls blow up my cellular and this morning i guess i just don't feel like hearing voices. So since i decided to go to sleep last night at 4 AM i'm waking up around 12:45 PM to my mother's voice talking about how annoyed she is that i'm sleep at this time of the day. Her voice is so distinctive i wake up simply because i don't know what to expect after hearing all the BS. My old friend Ryan ended up showing up at my crib unannounced but its cool considering he's a good kid. We grew up living next door to each other for a few years but he moved. Either way he shows up and tells me & my mother how he's in college now and how his family is doing. My mom then complains about how the grass is dying and how i should water it but honestly i don't even think she cares about the grass. She leaves me & Ryan at the crib alone so we dip over to Young Myles' crib. I rush over to here cause I heard young #BASED God Lil B got snuffed by some punk ass berkeley,CA goons & honestly i had to see it! Damn they snuck those hits on some weenie sh!t but anyways. We sit on www.worldstarhiphop.com going through the daily black media. Myles hops outta bed and proceeds to lifting paint cans with rocks in them as "weights" to work out. My young bull is hood. All the while we bangin' #Flocka , #TrapOrDie2 , #Biggie , #Weezy & everything out of one of the hood stereos with the fucked up speakers that we appreciate. I went on a little rant on my Facebook & Twitter about all the BS that's currently ticking me off in silence. While i'm typing this my little bro Mishon just popped up on 106 and Park at #7 with Roscoe Dash (Shoooowwwww Outtttttttt!) for their record "Turn It Up". Its crazy how much he grew up. Me & Mishon 's older brother Mikey went to school together and me & Mishon would have little dance battles at his house when he was real young. He ALWAYS could sing even as a child. Proud of him reppin' the city of FONTANA. Now we're bumpin "Machine Gun Funk" - #Biggie waiting for the right moment so i can shake to Los Angeles,CA to pick up some $$$ of course. So i'll try to keep ya'll posted on my end as to how the day plays out. C.King
Location: arrOw's crib
9:09 PM
So. . .after it was all said and done, I left Meezy's crib considering he was gonna go watch his little brother's football practice, i can respect that so I told him i'll catch him later tonight. I drove in my pajamas,tanktop, & UNLV Dunks to arrOw's house & of course Dash T.Radd was here as well. My Mon$ter $quad homies always seem to cheer me up and make me laugh. They are all about making $$$ , Party , & BullSh!t so we always get along :-). We told a few jokes posted up and watched District 9 while discussing plans to takeover the world. . .well. . .OUR world. I took arrOw to handle some business up the street then dropped them off to go take a shower at my own house. . .now this is where things get kinda depressing. . .I get home and my mother is texting me some awkward mean things. . .but considering I'm a JR, she was actually trying to text my father. GO FIGURE. I get in the house and get word that my n!gga Marcel & Aiden are about to swing through Fontana to chill but of course my main concern is. . .where's Karen Flores?. . .me & her had a pretty bad arguement last night that didn't end too well , & even though we fight. . .i still love her and its so unexplainable its scary to everyone. . .either way i called to find out her whereabouts and she's not coming. . .instead she's going to a poetry lounge in L.A. . .which is an hour in the opposite direction. . .it hurts my heart but i'll get over it. . .but right when K.Flo is done cussing me out, my mother ends up yelling at me for the house phone considering i broke the other phone in the house so we ONLY HAVE 1 FUCKING PHONE IN THE WHOLE DAMN HOUSE. So she yells at me for using the phone at all cause she needed it for "Business Purposes" . . .sounds like B.S. if you ask me SHE HAS A DAMN CELL PHONE RIGHT NEXT TO HER!. . .sorry. . .i was rambling. . .anyways I go to give her the phone and she's cussing me out almost the same way K.Flo was. When i hand her the phone she launches that muthaf*cka at my head but luckily it missed. I started going off punching the wall and kicking shit as i walk up stairs to a running shower that nobody is inside of. I go in the bathroom look in the mirror and tears proceed down my face. . .a feeling of i'm so trapped in this chaotic world and I can't get out comes over me. I jump in the shower sit on the floor of the tub and cry like a child since nobody can see me anyways. Everyone thinks because your a "Rapper" your emotionless. . .then you never met this lyricist. I hop out the shower after 20 minutes throw my clothes on , hop in my car and push all the way to arrOw's crib. I walk in to these n!ggas watching "Zohan" & this n!gga Zohan is ridiculously perfect and funny as hell! I didn't watch the Laker game because i follow @NBA and they keep me updated on the game (#LAKESHOW B!ZNATCH). Now i'm waiting for Aiden & Cel to get here. Until then i'mma try to Gram Up with a Swisher of course cause Zig Zags burn to fast for me. If anything new happens i'll letchu know. C.King


Anonymous said...

Your a great writer even though you are writing about ur life.
Everything you write I can see in my head.

Plus when I was 15 my mom hit me me in the head with the phone, Looking back I laugh at it. At least your mom missed-LOL

- @iBassaLiberian on Twitter

jayln said...

It takes strength to talk about all that. And it takes alot of strength to cry, especially for dudes to cry. But it'll get better dude. You're a talented rapper and a cool person from what I hear and your talent will get you out of your circumstances. Be blessed. -@JaylnOfficial