June 11, 2010

@TheRealLilKim Vs. @NICKIMINAJ

So.  .  .this was bound to have happened sooner or later. . . but what did you expect I mean even though Nicki Minaj is 2010's "Lil Kim" she is the NEW SHIT. I hate when the veterans really try to keep shining when their already "Home" (Word to Hov). Now weather or not Nicki did pop off some B.S. behind the scences.  . .she is a new artist who is honestly killing the game better than any female rapper before her. . .she has no album out and obviously she's enough of a hot topic to be brought up by the Queen Bee to begin with. . .just please let it go because Lil Kim is about to release those "industry" secrets only other artist can comprehend and understand. . .Just damn can't we all just get along?!

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