October 25, 2008

Oxygen - Chris King, Young Myles & Lil' J

Oxygen - Chris King, Lil' J & Young Myles


Wolves In Lambs said...

haha fuk yall ignorant ass niggas
on some gay ass pretty ricky shit hahahaha takedown ur fukin blog im doin u a favor by leavvin u 1 comment!haha on fagetshit haha

no hater here,but niggas like u is better off stayin off any track

SureliSxBaby said...

wow...anyways i love the song :]
and its exciting how people that
dont do nothing but sit on they butt
all day and critize people on the inet
just cause they trynna make it somewhere
and doing it big ; they hate.

umm anyways is cool everyone got they own opinion :]
but i love the song keep doing yall thing :]