October 26, 2008

Word's to Drake...

A poser, posing as me, Marcel, went on Drake's blog (www.octobersveryown.net) and left some comment's on his post about his new song, that were quite....****** up. Now I'm sure Drake has probably read them and we got people comin' on here leaving some ****** up comments to us now because of it, in defense of Drake. Let me make it clear... we, The Circle, think Drake is a dope artist and never would go on his sites promoting like that with all those negative comments. We only respect him as an artist and it goes to show in the thing's we do. I even hopped on one of his songs, "Sooner Than Later." So I'm posting this to say, Quit that **** whoever did it posing as me... and to Drake I wanna say, my dude your a dope artist and we have nothing but respect for a young accomplished dude in the game like you...4 real....

Sooner Than Later - Drake w/ (MARS)cel of 2 Much


Anonymous said...

whoever it is ya need to stop on some real shit. leave that internet beef alone if ya want to diss put it on record. oh yeah stop using the N word on some real shit.

SureliSxBaby said...

Wow funny how people see young
music artists in the game and they
do something to start beef and w/e
dang some people are so immature
on some real. and who ever it is
marcel we all know it isn't you cause
you wouldn't do nothing that low
like wtf.

Ciao Bella said...

i hope what i said wasnt in response to this blog, i wasnt even sure if it was you so thats why i commented. Just hopingmaybe you'd see for yourself and clear the air...

my sincerest apology