October 20, 2008

Welcome To The Circle PT. 1

Milo: Yooooo whats popping iM|L0. one of the four members in 2Much and one of the leaders in the Circle . Check my myspace out (myspace.com/mylosmyspace). 

C.King: & Yeeeeeaaah its the kid Chris King 1 of 4 members of 2Much & also one of the leaders in The Circle, Check My Myspace out (www.myspace.com/chrischeeks)

Milo: This is some Food for Thought.... from me to you. Diamonds are Forever, but The Circle is Infinite.... with that being said this here is The Official Circle Blog were all the Circle Exclusives will be including: New Music, Dos' L.A., and Updates on each of The Circle members. Bookmark this site and get comfortable. . . because you are officially in the circle.


missmars said...

Finally da circle has got a blog hoooraaayy lol how u Guuys doing is Aisha here from london u guys are "it"am going out my way to get all of yalls mixtape just to support da circle 1st comment 1st follower hit bck luv u xoxo

Anonymous said...

Its very nice that you all try to interact with the fans. It truly shows how down to earth you all are. God Bless and may you continue with the success you have been given both individually and as a group (a circle, the circle lol) =]

You all are very talented Bella Browne and 2Much, etc =]

keep up the good work

Nicy said...

ily u guyz so much for puttin up anotha update FAN site 4 ur fanz which iz 1 of me ofcourse lmao but im so goin out of my way 2 get ya mixtapes:-] so as ur fan im gon support ya ODEE n keep iit posted wit tonz of commentz n LOVE lol


#1 Fan

i also luv Bella Browne u girlz r so talented n ya could dance ya a** off lmao so u guyz could also no dat im a b supportin ya 2:-]

SureliSxBaby said...

Nice :]