October 20, 2008

Welcome To The Circle PT 2

Myles: What's good its your boy myles reppin' 2much and the circle all day. if you didn't no you can hit this blog spot for updates on new songs new pictures etc.as you no we have mixtapes coming out. So every week stay posted. welcome to are world-welcome to the circle.

Marcel: So this is about to be the new spot for The Circle...
so make sure ur keep coming here for updates on everything! Right now we are in Kansas City and currently have to run out to a radio station and give an interview for an HOUR
! which is hella long. So I apologize for cutting this intro post short... but after we get back from the radio station we'll be sure to get on here and start posting so keep it here!


MiszxAshleyy said...

Im exciteddd for yallll ;
The Circle is taken over ;
Checkin` this bloq is qona be a daily thinq for meh lol

SureliSxBaby said...

Hahah wat ash said! ;; and umm
i love those new pics :]

missmars said...

Yo da track its hot marcel and mylez love da pics an i know yall will b great in kansis boy i wish i was dere unfortunately am london