December 5, 2008

Hater's in the comments...

hahaha thirsty people in some of the comments...  they hate but stay on it... Circle's are infinite... don't trip lil' sis...


Merril The Space Cadet said...

aye homies...check out my blog..i put ya'll up on there

Anonymous said...

4get about heaters they don't worth it!
fuck heaters ;D
anyways (mars)cel i have a challenge 4 you :D
can you be able 2 do a remix of one of this songs ;)

a)Moving Mountains-USHER
b)Before i met you-USHER
c)One Wish-Ray J

dope song's ;P

Anonymous said...

haters keep me famous..
dey get me more notice

Anonymous said...

they nothing better to do

luv u guys remixs some more songs

p.s Check out the youtube MissAnonyous1521