December 3, 2008

New 2Much Flicks

Cant really make a come back if we never left


MiszxAshleyy said...

yalll lookinnnn good !
cant wait til yall drop! =]

MeraGurl said...

Omqqqq !!!!!
Yall Are Lookinq Better Than ever !
I Can't waitt for the new stuff
~mera ;)

Rhy_UrNatural said...

nicee pics
love em!
still lookin good n new
waitin for moree
keep it up yall!

Rhy_UrNatural said...

oh yeah and
thanks MiLo for tellin me
bout yall blogspot
i really apreciate ya'll.

Brianna said...

Damn Yall Look Good.
In The Second Picture Marcel & Chris
Look Like If They Where Drawn But
Its Tight


2muchfrenchbabe said...

omg!!!!! yu r so HOT!!!!! i luv the pics!!! <3

Anonymous said...

"Cant really make a come back if we never left"??? hahaha

more like "cant really make a come back cuz we are nobodies, and havent ever really released anything or had a hit single in the first place to come back to"