December 9, 2008

let the nasty comments begin lmao!

ive been contemplating on if i was going to put my two cents in about this situation but since everyone is letting out there own opinions i guess ill give mine as well. First and foremost, my question is by putting the picture on media takeout what did anyone accomplish? I mean I wasn't hurt by it, it didn't hurt my feelings, it didn't make me feel bad, and i didn't cry. I mean I laughed but I'm sure thats not what your motive was because you guys clearly wanted to hurt me. How can ANYone say NOT to call the people responsible for the photo being on the website a hater? come on people, the reason for even making such mean comments and stealing the photo and making it as big as they could was because they HATED me. WHY THEY HATE ME? i have no clue, they dont know me, like sha said they know OF me. Rather others know about me or the circle or not, THEY knew enough to be jealous of what im accomplishing to try and stomp on my name on the internet. I must say though some of you people are right...we're not THAT famous yet but this is only the beginning. If you were involved, then thank you for making my start a lot more memorable. When i look back ill be able to say ''i did that''. As far as calling marcel a ''fag'' how can you make such accusations...have any of you even MET the man? had a deep conversation with him? or even dug deeper into who is rather then what you can find out on the web...yea i highly doubt you can say yes to all of the questions above so calling him ''gay'' and all the other riff raff your pouring out of your mouth is irrelevant to what WE (the circle) have on our minds. WE know the truth you guys only TRULY know what we give you or tell you all that other BULLSHIT is most likely something that a HATER made up on all that spare time they have.

p.s. if you don't like us stop staying focused on us. oh yea and it wasn't mexican food, it was JAMAICAN. lmao and next time use a more recent picture...those photos were taking when i was fifteen years young, i have a new hair color and everything people come on RED IS SO LAST YEAR!

-you aint seen the last of bella browne nor 2much believe that STRAIGHT UP.


telle said...

i've never had jamaican it good?

Mizz.sing said...

All i gotta say is Amen. i'm happy that you stood up for yourself and nobody had the right to say and post them pictures on the internet like that.


Sarinaa said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Mizz.sing.
Haters are just jealous.
The Circle is filled with nothing but talent and I'm glad you guys are doing what you're doing.
Can't wait to see more of ya.

[ I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.A.N.T ] said...

man...dont even worry about them. that whole thing was stupid and the picture isnt even that bad. so....those haters are stoopid and its irrelevant. its not gonna hinder bella browne in any way so i wouldnt worry.

mizzspeakmymind said...

hello, i just recently found this "blog". im interested in all the people on this "blog" (minus the haters), although i will say im not a fan. i have never heard or seen of Bella's Brown. (untill today from a picture) i KNOW OF 2much. so when i say im interested in all of you is meaning that i dont know enuf about u all to b a fan. also on a nother note i think its great that u spoke up on behalf of 2much and ur self but i have to say that that "blog" saying that "your a nobody" as in we arent. was really bogus marcel. because i ges ther the nobodies that come on here daily or buy ya'll music faithfully just because..... well i know some people are very big fans of ya'lls...and those nobodies are the same people that are goona make ya'll some body. but anywho.... keep ya'll heads up and reach for the stars or the money lmao

atl***E@$t $iD3*** said...

for telle...yes jamican food is good (my dad is jamaican)

enterrr my twilight z o n e . said...

thanx atl east side! lol i had to come back to see if anyone answered my question...but yupp yupp she really said wat she needed to say nipped it in the bud...MOVING ON!


Vee said...

YES YES YES!!!! Don't stand the bullshit! Well done i mean it's your life anyway so it has nothing to do with the people that are trying to put you done.

Stay strong and focused Amanda

Peace xoxo

Anonymous said...


that shi* was hilarious, i must say.
now every time i look at bella brown i think of crap and mexican food. haha.

well good luck with your career 0_o

and as for marcel, its no secret that hes a fag, i mean COME ON NOW!

Anonymous said...

yo thank god i was getting soooo fed up with hearing hataz talk shyt already... they are simply bitter cuz they cant be you... keep doin wat ya doing cuz ya are gon make it and ima be behind ya all da way!

and to the previous person who commented who says marcel is a fag.. lets first point out that the term "fag" is derogatory comment and frankly uncalled for. a persons sexuality is THEIR business not yours. would you enjoy being ridiculed because of your sexual preference? personally i don't think there is anything wrong with 2 guys being close friends, but even if he was interested in men (which i sincerely doubt) how is that even a concern of yours?

wateva the case is ya all rocq n i cant wait till ya make it to da top!

Anonymous said...

Just know this amanda you're doing
your job Bella Browne hasn't even started
on anything and they already got haters and 2much
wow those boys are not doing nothing but what they're supposed to be
doing and that's them and bb and 2much are just focused on they
work and remember "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
and that definitely didn't kill you
it gave Bella Browne more famous !

SUP HATERS !!!!!!! just know that
ya'll really undercover GROUPIES !

telle said...

for some reason, i keep hearing maino's song in the back of my mind...i mean...lmfao...realllyyyy.

MuSicAlRoSeTWO said...
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MuSicAlRoSeTWO said...

people really have no lives if all they can do is hate on someone for personal gain

but people are always going to hate when they dont have what you got

or look at it this way Jesus was hated on and still is but it has not stopped him from prospering

DJ inDia said...

If it makes feel better Amanda sweetie I have a picture of me on the toilet that's a lot worse and my friend put it as her myspace and facebook default picture =D
I'll post that on mediatakeout in the comments section on that article if u want =D lmao
dont worry, you're an amazing person and i guess its jsut taking time for people to see that. you know what helps me when im down or feeling hated? listen to kirk franklin and marvin sapp and mary mary. im just trying to help =)
just keep doin u and bella browne, and theyre jaws are gonna drop when they get a chance to see your talent outshine their non-talented website and everyone who comments it negatively.

P.S. Who can I hit up to try to get Silence is Violence to come to my pancreatic cancer fund raiser in NYC? I need to raise money for my medical bills cause i am a victim of it =(
Much Love,
DJ inDia

MissBowezzy-x said...

Dude The Haters Made You More Famous (:
Just Smile x

CeeCee said...

well i love bella browne and 2Much i just dnt understand "haters" You should see wat i had to say about the whole Amanda thing on my blog! [i took her side]!!

FRancine said...

lol red is so last year thats funny but TG u r on the rite trak u shouldnt give a rats a** wat haters got 2 say ur famous get used 2 it lol but think of it this way without them u wouldnt b where u r 2day cuz all they do is publisize honestly i heard about balla browne nd 2much frm a bad comment looked yall up nd i think ur awsome so all u gotta say is bye hater as u rise 2 the top nd they stay at the bottom just doin wat the ddo best

Anonymous said...

i agree with everyone here
let haters hate
it keeps them happy
in the end though they are
seriously just a nobody and
thats why they continue to
hate on others cuz thats the means
of survival

and marcel aint gay...
and even if he had other sexual preferences..MIND YOUR BUSINESS
it has nothing to do with you

haters are seriously bored ppl
who are insensitive and post as much negativity because they cant get caught for it

and im speaking directly to you anonymous (the one who wrote negative things) i mean really stop hating and get a life...your just mad because you are not part of the circle...and will never be admitted in! lol access denied. keep it movin' =]