December 8, 2008


Until you've made the gossip blog's... thats 3 people from The Circle now... Chris, Marlena (former), and Amanda...


Anonymous said...

LMAO you guys are still nobody but now you guys have your lame as business out there you guys will fade away never make it big lmao losers

Red Gangsta said...

Are you really mad now? Do I make you mad? I bet your like "i'm tired of this bitch, I wish she would stop coming on here talking shit. I wish she would leave me the fuck alone. What did I do to her?"
You said it yourself your a nobody until you made the gossip blogs. You only named Chris, Marlena and Amanda. That mean's your STILL A NOBODY MARCEL
I know I said last time that was my last time responding to you. I LIED! Pissing you off is so much fun. The sad part is Marcel you make it fun for me. The Circle sounds like its some type of cult. You said " Me and the circle have already dealt with it" Like one of those cults that got raided.
You said something about haters an that you didn't care about what I was saying, then WHY THE FUCK DO YOU KEEP RESPONDING?!?

You know they always say that "just friends" until the picture proving that they are more than just friends comes out.

My sister wanted to know who's the bitch in the relationship
Is it you or him

I think it's YOU

Anonymous said...

i just dont get why its such a bad thing for your homegirl to have a picture of herself on the toilet where she's all covered up and not exposing anything but its all gravy for you to post a picture of you in your underwear where you can clearly see the outline of your penis? it doesnt make sense. just take life as it comes, nobody likes an artist who is "too" polished.

Pink Gangsta said...

thats a hella concieted comment. and i stll don't consider you much "somebodies". media take out is crap. ur actin like ur on perez hilton, tmz, the soup/best week ever. ur not. ur on media take out. half the crap on there is hella old news, or made up crap.

once both groups get a hit single, then u can act like something.

atl**E@$+ $iD3 said...

i jus t have to say somethin: just becasue u dont make gossip blogs dont mean shit...everybody is still a SOMEBODY rather shit has been spoken about themm or not...whether its the truth or a this blog is soundin kind of like the circle is da shit...not dat im sayin it is or isnt...but just to inform u[marcel] most ppl who write gossip blogs have SHIT to do with their lives cause if they did they wouldnt be steady writing about u, the circle or ANYBODY else for that fact. i dont dislike yall or hate yall at all but im jus sayin dis blog wasnt really called for...other dan dat jus do u nd dont worry about wat other folks got to say cause hating doesnt do shit and neither does talkin shit nd dats goes for da other comments on here... so this one is jus for da hatin comments...[talking shit on da INTERNET doesnt prove any goddamn thang!!!it doesnt make u look big and bad...nd also IF U DONT EVEN LIKE MARCEL OR ANYBODY IN DA CIRCLE OR DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT THEM DEN WHY DA HELL U OR YALL STILL COMING ON THERE BLOGS AND READING THEM...THRSTY HOES! ND ALSO FOR RED GANGSTA SINCE WE ASKIN QUESTIONS...WHO IS DA REAL BITCH U OR UR SISTER...I THINK ITS UR SISTER SINCE HER BITCH ASS AINT COME ON HERE ND SAY IT!LOL BITCHESSSSS...DONT TALK SHIT DAT U CANT BACK UP!

Anonymous said...

You guys seem to get cokcier and cockier everyday

Anonymous said...


You guys have at most 4oo fans
chill with all this stuff.. I'm really starting not to like you guys anyomore

is it possible for you to be humble

justamber911 said...

Hey marcel.
this is kinda off topic
but i reallllyyyyy wanno know

what song cover is so fly too???
please tell me
i wann find the instrumentals

Anonymous said...

for justamber911 its erykah badu- bag lady. for the circle they are haters they will always be haters me as a fan i have haters. they might not speak up about it but i have them and im not a ashamed of them. to me haters are out on this earth to make us feel better. anyone who hates on someone is obviously jealous even if they lie about it. it is very stupid of them to hate, yhey have no life really . one mo thing haters like attention so yall shud just ignore them dont let it phase u.

justamber911 said...

Thanks Kbreezy

Anonymous said...

Marcel how does it taste to suck carnells dick LMAO

inspireme said...
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justamber911 said...

Why do people hate?
It does not gain you any respect.
It doesnt make you look good.
Sure it gives you attention,
but is that the attention you want?
Do you want to be known for briging others down for a temporary rise on the Bxtch pedestal?
When i see people like that it makes me sick to my stomach to know that you Stomp on others just to make themselves feel all high and mighty.

think about it:
Hating on a certain name
Only gives them the fame.

Dha.Kidd.[RiCS] said...

wow, red gangsta and pink gangsta? what a interesting name. Cel, these bitches obviously have no life cause they can't keep they mouth shut and stop startin shit over the internet, just shows how immature they really are. Need to get a job, or do something useful with their life in stead of making fucked up remarks to a dude that had talent, well they do it probably cause they aint got any talent, but anyway you keep doing what you do baby, fuck the haters, cause that's what they are, hater. Much love Cel

Anonymous said...

LMAO you guys are never going to be famous if you haven't made it by now you never will. All you guys do is try to ride B5's coat tail which is going under to. Well at least you and Carnell can still be fuck buddies that will never change unless you get too loose for him lol and Chris wanna be king looks like a deformed Alien no talent at rapping and looks like shit

Tay Babii said...

whaa? wtf? how old are yall? like are yall serious? you think you're so big and bad on the internet? now i know what marcel meant by "internet gangsters". that's a true lame for real. this shows that people REALLY have no life...go out and do something productive instead of typing a page of bullshxt.

& if this is what amanda was put off by, girl you need to just laugh this shxt off cause they are dxckheads who have nothing at all to do. you're doing something with your life unlike SOME PEOPLE...ugh

Anonymous said...

Being completely honest here i don't think you guys are somebody's, at all. i mean hardly anybody knows that the circle let alone 2much/Bella Browne/Chris King etc. exist. not trying to be rude here but it's true. If i were to take a poll of how many people that know about the circle, it's member & actually truly care i wouldn't get many tallies on the "I care about the circle!" Column.

Now there are 2 things you can do with what i just said.
You can quickly dismiss me and declare me a hater cause my comment wasn't full of "keep ya head up"," Fuck thoses haters" & signed with an "OMG, i love you boo" lol
or you can take it for what it is and work harder so you can actually be a "somebody"
its not like im some hater, ima just being straight up. & i do like 2much and yalls music

Anonymous said...

i'm not associated with those other negative Annoyomous comments.

(my comment was the "Being Completely Honest here" one)

yup, just want to clear that up.

Anonymous said...

what really amazes me is how you can call someone a nobody and then COMMENT on their blog. obviously you are one of the many people that cares what goes on there daily life. if they are nobodies why do you take time out of your daily life to say anything (whether it be negative or positive about them?). if they are "nobodies" how do you know about their blog? smh. grow up people, if you are miserable advance your own life dont try to bring down other.
p.s. the mto blog wasn't that bad keep your head up and stay beautiful.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

lmao the last person who quoted kanye can eat shit and die kanye is the biggest hater and dick head out there lmao
2much and bella browne you guys might want to look for real jobs cause this thing isn't going to last too much longer and marcell dont be ashamed of your relationship with carnell its ok to be gay

beautifuul : ] said...

sooo we arre nobodiees, buut youu all subscribe to ouur blog, look at ouur paages everryday to see whaats neeew . i donnt blame youu thouugh . iloveall .

x.WORTH iT-.x `* said...

ok kiddsz.`[stop sucking them.]
my friend just showed me this.
sooo,had to comment.can't [fade]` it.

hate to say it. i don't usually.
but everyone & their moms been on mediatakeout.
don't sice your shit.
one video won't cut it.
one 30 second snippet with 2 member old vocals won't cut it.

if mr.chris would have just wrote in his diary. instead of blasting ms. 'lena houston's' business out there. they probably wouldn't be on their either.

the better thing to do was just explain how the fuck that dirty picture even got on there / the back story.
or the classic : "no comment"
&; get on.

beautifuul : ] said...

ohh & onne more thhinng . i donnt reaally caare abouut annythinng youu guuys onn here haave to taalk abouut, caause you dont know me, you know of me . if we are nobodies stop subscribing to ouur blogs, dont add us on myspace, STOP stealing ouur pictures & hacking ouur stuff, annd first and foremost, taking thaat nuuch time ouut of youur life to maake us morre famous . its a waste of time . everyone should be past the immaturity staage . thouugh marcels blog did appear as a little cocky buut its you caant reaally blame himm, youur sitting arouund trying to make people you hate famous . i dont thinnk it makes sense , i believe this is the circle blog, which means the authors can puut whatever they wannt , if it is not directed to you, as in your name is not plastered onnn this page, there is no reason you shouuld be leaving these taccky comments .

Anonymous said...

in regards to the ignorant person classifying the picture of amanda on mediatakeout as "dirty" and wants to know how it was taken . . . who the hell do you think you are that someone owes you an explanation to anything that goes on? and why do you choose to write on a persons blog and bash something they do. you can only diffuse negative things by doing positive. you may not agree with the picture so why dont you focus on bettering yourself since the picture is so "dirty" obviously it was a private moment exposed to the public and you really do know you are somebody when all these people find it important to no not discuss who you are dating or anything like that but you sitting on a toliet you must be a pretty intriguing person to accomplish that and the fact that you feel the need to comment on it proves that you need to GROW UP AND GET A LIFE.

Rebekah said...

Good Evening everyone. Well I was just reading everyones comments and I just have something to say.....By the end of the day everyone is a hater. So can we please just drop all the drama and ignorant behavior. Another thing we have all hated on somebody so to call somebody else a hater is highly uncalled for. Also there is nothing wrong with 2 guys being best friends. Unless its a crime....then there is nothing wrong with it. Well to whoever reads this, HAVE A GOOD EVENING or GOOD NIGHT! :)

New Kei City said...
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New Kei City said...

no disrespect to anyone on here but i came on here to read updates...not this stuff. but i just wanna say that amanda has every right to take any kind of picture she wants in her own privacy rather she is a singer or not. not a good thing or feeling that private pictures get exposed. and thats also for anyone who takes pictures in their own privacy

a person who is a "Nobody" doesn't have fans nor haters....because nobody would waste their time... wouldn't be a point...correct?

So 2 Much and Bella Browne must be "somebody" maybe not as big as you all think being
"somebody" is but either way they are.

even with negative comments ... it brings hits to this blog people are probably checking it every 5-10 mins to see whats you all are helping them really are.

Still to this day i don't get why people hate but yet focus on them. if you don't like them..don't speak of them point blank. talk about people and artists you do like...but its funny tho some of the people that hate.. end up "being the biggest fans ever" does that work out? i have seen it time after time...

as i said before no disrespect to anyone..girls be more mature , ladylike , and just drop it.

2 Much and Bella Browne .. you all keep doing what you do and if its GOD's Will you all will do just fine.

much love everyone

Red Gangsta said...

Well first to the person who said I can't talk shit and back it up
I can more than back up the shit I talk.
When you muthafuckas get off your knees and realize that these bitches are not famous. then the real shit talking can begin. The reason they call themselfs the circle because that's what they lame ass excuse for music career have been going in A (Circle)
A lot of you on here were B2K fans. And since 2002, these muthafuckas(2Much) have been trying to put out a record. B2K
"DISCOVERED) them. 4 years later "Fire" came out. No Air play Didn't even get played on BET maybe but 1 time. 6 years and one failed attempt later..........
Marcel said it himself circles are infite or some shit like that.
As for the gay jokes, I'm stating the obvious.
Lastly to Amanda,
Finally you decide to stop letting Marcel fight your battles, Marcel would have never got his feelings hurt if you would have stood up for yourself a long time ago. But I guess it's the other way around now. You should be happy you no talent having ass got on mediatakeout at least people know who are now. Maybe Chris Stokes will have another hit group. His last clamed he was theif.

telle said...

LMFAO. i'm laughinq about gangsta pink gangsta blue suspect is that? lol. ya'll sound so stupid i pray that you guys understand and uhm...if yu guys have so much anger towards these two groups or watever...why bother posting? O B V I O U S L Y yu ppl have no lives. if marcel keeps posting blogs back to yu, thats not saying that yu have to comment back all the damn time. it is yu rainbow gangsters that are making this blogspot so successful. i pray that all of yu red and pink gangsters go to church on sunday and praise the Lord and hopefully something will be knocked into your head. Despite all of this...MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! this is the season to be jolly...lmfao. BUT IF UR CAREER IS TO BLOG TO PEOPLE WORRYING ABOUT THEIR CAREER THEN BY ALL MEANS....KNOCK YOURSELF OUT...LOL

Anonymous said...

Where the hell do you guys get these acusisations about people and where the hell are you guys finding these pictures there teenagers really guys until you can show that they are like that quit its ridiculous especially you immature nobodys at least they can look they names up on google ang get some photos

Anonymous said...

haha, your a nobody fagcel

Anonymous said...

First let me just point out this minor detail to Miss.RedGangster a cult is a religion or sect considered to be extremist, with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a leader. So seeing as how none of these guys are shaving their heads or walking around in long black robes completely separated from the world and all worshiping and following a single persons directions, will you PLEASE explain where in gods name you get off saying something like that?

I just had to say that, now moving on::
I always read through this blog and try to act oblivious to the ignorant people who constantly post comments back showing nothing but childlike behavior and stupidity, that however stops now. Honestly if you have no life and have absolutely nothing better to do then to bad mouth these hard working talented artists and criticize them then please by all means, Why don't YOU deal with the pressures of working in an industry that is so demanding at such a young age? And Why don't YOU deal with having your life under constant scrutiny by others who act just as juvenile as you? Truthfully Do any of you haters even know how difficult it must be for these guys? I'm just throwing ideas around here, but have you ever thought that maybe it must suck for them to have to be away from their families all the time? to have to deal with never knowing if someone is being real with them or if they just want to use them? to never be able to go to the damn mall without being ran after because that ONE person recognized them and started a riot? I'm almost positive none of you have dealt with that nor will you ever have to. Simply put you just wish you were in their position but since you aren't you are bitter sour and hostile. A word of advice: Get a new hobby.
P.S. - Marcel you and all of your friends are truly talented, don't let people discourage you and don't let the setbacks stop you from coming back stronger and proving everyone wrong. I personally can't wait to see everyone shut up when you are all on top.

Anonymous said...

He must be a somebody if you saying his name right?

immature little haters but just remember this

Haters are undercover GROUPIES.

Keemara said...

Wooow u haters sure can talk...

DJ inDia said...

If it makes Amanda feel better I have a picture of me on the toilet that's a lot worse and my friend put it as her myspace and facebook default picture =D
P.S. Marcel, I don't know if this is you or not:
This is very important because whoever this is, I have gotten really close with over the past few months and it would be a shame if they were a fake profile posing as you. I need to know if I'm talking to the real Marcel or not =(
And if it is you Marcel, you still needa call me =) lmao

P.S. Who can I hit up to try to get Silence is Violence to come to my pancreatic cancer fund raiser in NYC? I need to raise money for my medical bills cause i am a victim of it =(
Much Love,
DJ inDia

Kasual said...

Hello Internet Gangster's.
-You lot say so many words but you cannot say it to no one's face.

-You Hate On Tha Circle Because you cannot succede or do not have the talent to eventually make it.

-You Call The Site Bull Yet you are always visiting it,to spread hate. You are hating because you accualy want to be them.

-You call Marcel Gay yet you have never met the dude.You cannot call someone Gay when you whatsoever do not no thier personalities.

-What they post has sense of humor,which many sados nowadays dont.

-If U Like Pissing People off that clearly shows That You Have No Life of your own to attend to.

-P.S People have "Circles" which usually means tight homies friends and people you can depend on.

Finally Haters Keep You Shit To Yourself and F**K Off.

Circle Keep Doin Ya Thing.
(Put God First)

MissBowezzy-x said...