December 28, 2008

iM|L0 Needs An Oscar!

My Nigga Was 13 Years Old.



ashley said...

ooohhh get it miloo !! lol :)

Anonymous said...

wat Milo actin

Anonymous said...

Dang they would make Milo the bad KID lol

Even at tha age of 13 he was mess'n wit gunz lol jk

~That was a blast from the past~

Rhy_UrNatural said...

Aww how cutee lol.
He look like a lil' G
But he played a good role :]]
He was real skinny too

Sarinaa said...

wow he played a really good role
get it milo!

itsEMMAduh! said...

i loooove this show!

and milo did good..he did real good =]

Milo could really be a big actor if he wanted to.

Rhy_UrNatural said...

So what was this tv show called?

JENNiE said...

Milo got the actin game up wow cant believe he was on the shoW Cold Case lol aww get em lol =]

Anonymous said...

lol so cute, but
Daaaammn Milo........OK!!

get it!!

Vee said...

shit!!!! he was soooo good. he shoulda got something.
he should be doing more things...bigger things. the whole circle should!!!

well done Lo!!!!!
thanx Chris for sharing the vid =]

Peace xoxo

itsEMMAduh! said...

this show is called Cold Case.

Anonymous said...

omg okay Milo i see youuu !
you got it packes down ;

downn wenn he was cryin ; i swear my eyes got watered

Brianna said...

haha i remember that i didn't even know who he was then i just thought he was another lil boy milo did good

enterrr my twilight z o n e . said...

omg...i seeen that episode like three times. lol. i LOVE THAT SHOW! whenever i see it i start crying at the end...its just so sad sometimes...but yea i was crying at the end too...he was acting his assssss offf