December 29, 2008


I Did The Beyonce Beat "Diva" Off Her New Album...Enjoi.

Diva -Chris King


Anonymous said...

Dang 09' needs to hurry up
Yo mixtape is gonna be HOT!!

Rhy_UrNatural said...

Keep do n your thang Chris.

JENNiE said...

Cant wait to cop it =]

Keep it up Chris =D

Vee said...

2 more days and some hours for me AAAH
i might be one of the first to get it cos i'm a day ahead

Peace xoxo

Sarinaa said...

love it =)
cant wait for W.T.W.B.

MiszxAshleyy said...

sweeettt l;
im so anxiousss ..
hurrry jan 1st lol
only hours awaaay

JENNiE said...

That Diva Bonus was freshhh keep em commin chris =]